Week in Pictures (Thanksgiving!)

Thanksgiving breakfast: blueberry ricotta pancake sandwiches with bacon and pomegranates. YUM!
Thanksgiving hike – getting out into nature away from the world was wayyy better than cooking!
I love these two!
Hiked over to Elowah Falls – gorgeous!
Being a bit less traditional holiday, we made a turkey pot pie on Wednesday instead. Based loosely on the New York Times recipe, we used yams and spinach (instead of potatoes and chard) and instead of a flake crust I made a rosemary cornmeal crust. Not bad!
Ruby the hiking dog 🙂
Morning temps in the high 20’s making it a bit crunchy. Just too bad it’s doing it on zero-precipitation days. Dan is dying to see some real snow 🙂
Made my favorite dessert which I hadn’t made since before my dairy-free phase: tres leches! We were all out of pastry flour so I used Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Flour Mix and it was still PERFECT. And yes, we continued to nibble on the pomegranates – yum 🙂

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