10 Days in France…Scenes from Normandy

Having never been anywhere other than Paris and Versailles, I wanted to check out the countryside and so we decided to rent an Airbnb in the village of Giverny, getting both time in Monet’s world as well as 4 days away from the city. We took the train about an hour or so to Vernon, where our host picked us up and took us to the apartment on the bottom floor of a house that once belonged to the priest of the adjacent church (Église Sainte-Radegonde de Giverny). While the place looked lovely – we loved the exposed stone walls – unfortunately the bed gave me a terrible backache and there was no phone, so when the electricity shorted out on one half of the wall we were unable to call. But the village was lovely and, after the Monet buses left each afternoon, the town was quiet and so peaceful.

Here are some peeks… (and yes, I’ll have a separate post for Monet!)

our living room
Selfie Dan took of us – our fave pic !
Our apartment was the lower left one – pretty huh!!
cute car
The church next door where Monet is buried and goes back over 500 years…
Here’s Dan stopping to smell the flowere in a garden outside the Impressionist museum (which btw had no Monets – just a tribute series to his work!).
Yes that’s a real live dog on that rock wall.
geraniums in the window outside ours
We learned there was a Michelin star restaurant, Le Jardin des Plumes, in the village so went there our 2nd night. Unlike Paris, Giverny’s prices are quite reasonable, so it would be similar price-wise to going somewhere fancy like Morton’s Steakhouse – but with WAY better food. Here we see my husband being super Klassy with his French Scotch 🙂 BTW- our dinner was beyond incredible and the service was top notch!!!!
Early morning walk worth every bit of cold and tired to take this shot!!!
Along Rue du Claude Monet
my favorite home!
hilltop view
peering inside a gallerie courtyard…
discovered this old dilapidated garage/shed along our walk

2 thoughts on “10 Days in France…Scenes from Normandy

  1. GAH! Each one of these could be used as my new background on my computer– they’re so lovely! The CREEPY photo of the church was absolutely perfect, any possibility that I could pin it to my Creepy and Questionable board? I would, of course, give you the creds, dearest!


    1. I’d rather not have these on Pinterest, only because even if you pin it with my creds, others can swipe ’em and remove the links/creds 😦 Eventually I’ll get these watermarked so it’s no biggie 🙂


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