10 Days in France…Immersing in Monet and his flowers…

Photographs below we took at Monet’s garden and home in Giverny (Normandy region outside of Paris), along with the nearby streets and the local Impressionist Museum garden…enjoy! This was my favorite part…
Giv-Monet1 Giv-Monet2 Giv-Monet3 Giv-Monet6 Giv-Monet9 Giv-Monet10 Giv-Monet21 Giv-flower1 Giv-flower3 Giv-flower4 Giv-flower7 Giv-flower9 Giv-flower10 Giv-flower14 Giv-flower15 Giv-flower17 Giv-flower18 Giv-flower19 Giv-flower20 Giv-flower22 Giv-flower24 Giv-flower25 Giv-flower28 Giv-flower30

  One thought on “10 Days in France…Immersing in Monet and his flowers…

  1. flizz39
    November 1, 2015 at 4:10 pm

    THANK YOU for the tour of France that you shared with us! Again, you take lovely photos, honey! That one of the bridge made my heart skip a beat, seriously! Next time, please consider a trip to Prague. I’d love to see what photos you’d come home with! 🙂


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