Dancing the Blues Away

Life’s gonna drop you down like the limbs from a tree
It sways and it swings and it bends until it makes you see.
~ Madonna (“Jump”)

Okay, so 30 years after I was not allowed to join my middle school friends at her Virgin Tour (the last time she was in Portland…gasp!!!), I’m now sayin’ suck it, ma, and going to see Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour tonight. WOO HOO!

With the shit hitting the fan this week, nothing can stop me from getting my booty shake on in a pretty damn good seat that I paid triple digits for (hey, average out if I lived in LA and had gone to every tour, and it’s a great deal, hahaha…). I’m a little bummed because I’m going solo – NONE of my friends in this stage of my life like her enough to see her live, and my husband said he’d go if I wanted him to, but knowing he is not a fan and would just be standing there, just seemed like a waste. It’s the first time I’ve gone to a concert solo and while I would love to have a friend to dance alongside (Miz Lizzie C why aren’t you here in PDX? Antonio, where have you gone? I miss you!), it certainly isn’t stopping me from seeing the most kickass woman in music.

So with that, here are a few of my favorite Madonna songs, from the beginning, with a bit of history introducing each:

Over and Over was my favorite song from Like a Virgin, and I even choreographed a dance to it with a friend in grade school. We called ourselves the “Midnight Dancers”. Heh – could you tell we were Solid Gold fans? Anyhow, I still like to blast during hard times to remind myself to get up and keep going.

True Blue still is one of my favorite happy love songs, and I remember dancing in junior high (remember being in a circle with your friends, purse hanging across you, swinging your arms?). I just sang this to my hubby ❤

Cherish is my favorite of all time, both song and video. Herb Ritts, RIP.

Express Yourself was a killer anthem for my single days, and boy did I wear the blazer with black satin bra underneath. At one point (yes, I was in killer shape back in my college days), I even rocked a black sequin bra top dancing on the cubes at the clubs, but we’ll leave it at that.

Bye Bye Baby reminds me of saying SEE YA! to those bad boys I used to go crazy over.

Sky Fits Heaven was my favorite from Ray of Light. It’s always the reminder I need and I love the melody.

I Deserve It is just sweet and wonderful and what makes me think so much of my true love and all we went through in our relationship spanning two continents and a big ass ocean in between.

Die Another Day is definitely one that revs me up and my favorite driving song by Miz M.

Jump is of special significance, referenced during my first few months blogging back in ’08 as I watched my father die in front of me. Anyone who’s lost a parent knows how ‘joining that club’ can make you rethink everything.

Bitch I’m Madonna – well, it just says it all. Madonna kicks ass, and reminds me why I’ve loved her for over 30 years. This WILL be on the set list tonight…yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Dancing the Blues Away

  1. Oh, GIRL!!! I hope you had an AMAZING TIME!!! Yes, I definitely wish I could’ve been there with you, shaking it up and letting the music (MUSIC!!! MAKES THE PEOPLE COME TOGETHER!!!) help us escape to a much better place in our heads. You totes deserved this, honey, and I’m so glad you went! And thanks for the videos + stories. EXPRESS YOURSELF is one of the best feminist anthems out there, even now! WOOT!


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