Entry Number Sixteen: Two Plus One

Since we did the Day 5 (blastocyst) transfer, the traditional Two Week Wait (“TWW”) doesn’t apply and instead it became an Eight Day Wait til this Thursday’s blood test. Nothing new to report on IVF front unless you want to hear about my sore bum cheeks that cause me to tilt when I sit for too long, or random dizziness, or supersexy perma-sweat that seems to be coating my skin (I’m not sure if hot “flash” is the right term since I’m basically in tank tops in 60 degree weather because everything feels overheated), and nothing new on the adoption front as we are just waiting for our agency directors to get back into the country so they can amend our home study for us to send back to USCIS for final approval.

So in the meantime, I thought I’d post some of the most telling memes/images I’ve found on Pinterest related to this journey of making our family of two to a family of three – or four 🙂

(image source)

This has been a great source to understand what may be happening inside me. The other day I felt a few ‘twinges’ as us TTC folks call the sharp pains in the lower abdomen, but otherwise, same ol’ same ol’. If it’s implanted, it’d be fully finishing that step today most likely. I’m neither optimistic nor pessimistic, and just trying to keep busy with other things until I get my blood drawn (image source)


Along with “just relax” I’d also add the comments from several along the lines of “oh I know it’ll work!” because honestly, dammit, you don’t.

Almost 8 weeks of nausea, so long there are various nausea levels - ones I can ignore because I know I won't hurl, and ones where I don't even want to laugh in case I upchuck.

Almost 8 weeks of nausea, so long there are various nausea levels – ones I can ignore because I know I won’t hurl, and ones where I don’t even want to laugh in case I upchuck.

What I hope for...

What I hope for…

What keeps me going...

What keeps me going…


  One thought on “Entry Number Sixteen: Two Plus One

  1. flizz39
    October 12, 2015 at 10:27 am

    Whatever you need me to do during this time, I’ll do it, dearest. All I’m doing right now is sending you as much positive energy as I can, hopeful that your dream will definitely become a reality. I’m sorry for your bum and your nausea and will continue to send you as many virtual hugs as I can! YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU ARE DOING IT!!! WOOOOOT!!!!


  2. October 12, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    The cat face made me LOL, sorry! 😂


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