harvest winding down. Tomatillos, cukes, zukes are done and okra is simply a pretty flowering plant now. Tomatoes rampant!
harvest winding down. Tomatillos, cukes, zukes and serranos are done and okra is simply a pretty, TALL (almost 5′!!!) flowering plant now. Tomatoes and peppers rampant as we wait for them to turn red!!

Ahhh, Friday. Couldn’t come any sooner for me, even if it’s not an official “weekend” in our family. Very worn out still following the transfer but today managed to get some “nature therapy” with a girlfriend, taking a walk in Forest Park. Like a little old lady, I had to stop a few times to catch my breath as the hot flashes, nausea, and overall exhaustion have been pretty intense being on the double hormones, but it was SOOOO nice to get some good time with a friend who gets me and is so caring and generous with her time.

  • Check out how the Hmong farmers in California have successfully survived the drought.
  • LOVE: Bikes for Malawi girls helping them get the education they have been missing!!
  • Australia proves without a doubt that stricter gun control saves lives. Period. With the latest tragedy a few hours south of me in Roseburg, I was horrified to hear their mayor making sarcastic comments about President Obama’s visit, people protesting his visit to the families, and so many people so hyper-obsessed with near-zero regulation of gun ownership that they tell him to stay in DC. In Australia, you can own a gun, but most people don’t outside of hunting because it honestly is quite a strict process to go through. Here in the US, people have to get licenses to operate cars, because it saves lives. People go through more hell trying to vote than to get a gun. (Oh and for those who don’t know me, I got my first gun at 13 to use for target shooting with my NRA stepfather. But I never had any desire for a gun for “self protection” and was always horrified that he carried a pistol in his belt and that he had them all over the house. When I was 15, I tried (obviously poorly) to commit suicide – and it was always in my mind that I knew right where he kept his pistol by their bed if I ever wanted to try again.
  • Compared to the US, real rehabilitation is happening in Germany’s prisons. Our system is shameful.
  • Love Mandisa Thomas and the CNN article on her, Confessions of a black athiest. In a highly Christian-ized black culture, she is an inspiration for free thinking, and as she said, “While the number of visible minority atheists is still small, we are here and we’re here to stay.”
  • Well here in Oregon you can now get your bud legally. But an irony out there is that the majority of weed is chocked full of pesticides. While my (very rare) days of smoking pot are long since over, I’m glad to see there’s a movement for Clean Weed. But what does piss me off? Oregon has stopped issuing permits to grow hemp. A lot of growers have been bitching about hemp contaminating their marijuana crops, and they should just STFU and start collaborating – especially after they’ve just seen their product legalized! There is room for both and hemp would be so huge for our economy!!
  • COP21 is coming up in Paris soon – here’s a great article on why this climate change conference is so important and why it’s time to bet big on sustainability.

A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.
~Grace Pulpit

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