Entry Number Fifteen: Two Plus One

This is the shot I snapped of the ultrasound that shows the embryo and where it was dropped off in my uterus. Rad, eh?

The Big Day…

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well Tuesday night, and even with the room-darkening shades, I was up before dawn padding around the house, even before the dog. Husband was up by 7:30, gave me my daily PIO shot, packed up my doc’s prescribed Serious Meds (vicodin for pain, valium for anxiety) and 600 mg of ibuprofen (for cramping) for today’s festivities, and we headed to breakfast. In honor of our upcoming Paris trip, we noshed on croissants and fruit and such at Petite Provence (my favorite is always the Colette with eggs, artichokes, tomatoes and basil…mmmm!). And as per doctor’s orders, I chugged so so SO much water, with the order to make my last trip to the ladies’ room at 9am for my 11am transfer.

Well…let’s just say as we were wandering around a local furniture store around 9:30, my body let me know that I was bound for an accident should I have to wait another 90 minutes, so avoiding martyrdom, I called the doc and his assistance thankfully let me have one more trip with the promise that I’d have a bit more before the transfer. WHEW! We got to the office at 10:15am and the onsite acupuncturist put me into lalaland with more needles (I’d had some yesterday as well), and then 45 minutes later it was time.

Thank goodness for Valium, y’all. I was mildly stoned so I knew I was anxious but my heart palpitations were to a minimum…

This is the actual embryo that the embryologist selected for transfer!! We had 7 top graded ones and there are 5 “maybes”, so a minimum of 6 will be frozen, for us to have in case it doesn’t work the first time. But we are staying positive!!

Weeks and Weeks of Preparation…for a Five Minute Procedure

Yep, all of the shots and nausea and hot flashes and acupuncture sessions over the past and… then the doc comes in, a window in the wall opens up that connects to the embryologist’s lab, pops the catheter with the embryo in it, threads it into my cervix and uterus and with a teensy puff of air, it’s dropped off and left to its own devices. The procedure literally takes 5 minutes.

After a day or two, the cell mass “hatches” from the blastocyst and decides whether it’s going to implant or not. So, in 6 days, we’ll go back in for a blood test to see if it worked. If it looks good, then we’ll go back one more time to track the immediate progress, before we head across the deep blue sea…

Curious about what an embryo transfer looks like? Check this out which has a video to boot!

C'est Moi !
C’est Moi (1974)

Visualization…and Patience…

I’ve been encouraged by many along the way to, along with focusing on calm, to visualize the implantation, a healthy pregnancy, a happy child. And when I zonk out in my acupuncture sessions, for me the picture that continually arises in my mind and instantly calms me is imagining our kids playing together on the beach. Our children who came into our lives in their own unique ways, having a blast just as I did as a child. They won’t be “our donor egg baby” or “our adopted daughter from Africa”. They will simply be our awesome little ones. (Let those be warned who try to add a prefix like I mentioned!!! )

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.


4 thoughts on “Entry Number Fifteen: Two Plus One

  1. This is SO EXCITING!!!! I am crossing my fingers for you, Dan, Ruby and your lil’ blastocyst! You’re doing everything right, just keep on keeping on, honey! 🙂

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