Tuesday Go Ponder: Caitlin Moran on Feminism

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Go Ponder: Caitlin Moran on Feminism

  1. It really gets to me when women – especially younger ones who are benefiting from (and taking for granted) the efforts of early feminists – deny that they’re feminists. Deny that they’re for equal rights and treatment? Deny that women should be treated as human beings and not property? Sheesh.

    Aimee, I thought you had stopped blogging because I never got posts in my reader. Today I realized I hadn’t updated it to your new blog! I see you’ve been busy – and now need to get caught up.


  2. Excellent quote. A couple of years ago I was having lunch with a friend and he said of his adult daughter, “She’s the furthest thing in the world from a feminist.” I bit my tongue. His daughter was at the time a graduate student getting an M.A. in English, at a school that didn’t even admit women a couple of generations ago. It was clear to me that he was absolutely clueless that his daughter was not only “a feminist,” she was reaping the benefits of the work of the feminists who preceded her. How quickly we seem to forget.


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