Entry Number Fourteen: Two Plus One


Progesterone in Oil (AKA I got the Sore Ass Blues)

Oh joy, daily shots in the bum with progesterone in oil via a 1.5″ needle have begun (while still getting booty shots every third day with the big estrogen needle, mind you). Not sure why, but for some reason the first few days we did these without the normal heat-up-the-bum, warm-up-the-syringe process we’d done before, and fuckin’ oath (one of my husband’s favorite curses) my ass has been paying the price.  Here’s the weird thing though about PIO compared to Delestrogen – it’s not as much the needle as my bum in general.

Yes, because I know you’ve been wondering, “how is Aimee’s ass these days?”. Hmph. Don’t worry, I’m not going to photograph my backside and post it here (and plenty of folks do online for any of you infertility pervs who want to check out pages of bumpy bums).

This is the thing: I’m sitting here typing this and it sucks. Sitting down sucks. And the thing is, you basically are getting your shot in your, umm how shall I put this, Muffin Top area. So it’s not in the curvy part, but higher up – or as one nurse said “above the butt crack and to the outside!” So the pain I suppose just radiates.

Cool huh? Jealous yet?


(image source)
(image source)

Meanwhile, at the Lab

So the above image basically describes the time period from egg (oocyte) to fertilized egg (zygote) to morula (day 3 embryo) to blastocyst (day 5 – when we transfer). Today the doc is going to call and let me know how many of the 20 original zygotes have made it to morula stage (does this remind anyone of the reproduction segment of health class back in the day yet?). In the “old days”, it was standard to transfer after just 3 days, but the thing is, blastocyst transfer is about “survival of the fittest”. These embryos transferred at the blastocyst stage “have made it through key growth processes and typically offer a greater chance of implanting,” and reduce the chances of multiples because only one or two are transferred (for us, it’ll just be one, as I’ve mentioned already).

So I kept this post in Draft mode to update the embryo status before I publish it. We’ve got 17 good ones still. Pretty darn awesome! The doc gave me all my directions for Wednesday as well: drink a TON of fluids first thing in the morning, last pee at 9am, then keep drinking moderately til I get to the office, then I pop a valium (for nerves), vicodin (for my insides), and 3 ibuprofen (for cramping). Once we get to the office (don’t worry, my husband is gonna be at the wheel!), I’ll get 45 minutes of acupuncture – woo hoo! – before the embryo transfer. The transfer itself only takes 5-10 minutes – he ultrasounds through my tummy and because my bladder is partly full, he’ll get a better view of my uterus, then takes the train into the station and drops off one beautiful blastocyst.

And then the suspense begins…

(image source)
(image source)

And While That’s All Happening…?

We’ve gotten all of our updated paperwork for the adoption agency to amend the home study so we can re-send it to USCIS to finally get our federal approval (so that our dossier can then go to Ethiopia, where the LONG wait begins)….but our agency owners are out of the country! They’ll be back on the 15th, and emailed us promising to update the HS right away so that we can get it mailed to them before we leave for Paris. It’s a mom & pop shop kind of agency which we love because bureaucracy is minimized, but it means when they go visit their countries’ adoption programs, things can slow down here in the US. So I’ve got ants in my pants since we’re cutting it super close to our departure date, but I’m still breathing.

Thank goodness for deep breaths.


Tick Tock Tick Tock

So yep, it’s all about waiting. Waiting to see how the embryos are doing, waiting to see if the transfer works (about a week after transfer I have a blood test to check, because progesterone causes false positives on pee sticks), waiting for our agency directors to come back, waiting for USCIS to approve this stage of the adoption process.

Fortunately, we have SO much to be thankful for. My “big 3” recruitments as of yesterday have all been filled, and that means our adoption is paid for. Tears of happiness!!! Right now, I have three more “bonus” ones I’ve submitted candidates for at existing clients who basically, if at least one is hired, would allow us to do the next big thing on our list: have money socked away for Dan’s paternity leave when the time comes!

Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

4 thoughts on “Entry Number Fourteen: Two Plus One

  1. OH GOLLY, YOUR POOR BUM!!! That sounds HORRIFIC! Everything sounds like it’s going really well, so all of your sacrifices in the bum area are TOTES going to pay off! FINGERS CROSSED! You’re not alone, sweetheart! Hugs to you and Dan!


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