My weak-ass camera's attempt at a blood moon snapshot :)
My weak-ass camera’s attempt at a blood moon snapshot from the park near our house 🙂

“Watch all that is happening around you.  It may be messy.  But it’s also seriously beautiful and really delicious.”
~ Shannon Hayes

  • As many folks know, one of my favorite nonfiction books of all time is Shannon Hayes Radical Homemakers. It’s literally one of the few books that come to mind when someone asks, “what books changed your life?” (fyi another is Dr. Christiane Northrup’s Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom). Anyhow, I’m on her mailing list and just love love love her blog post on the top five mistakes small farmers and radical homemakers make when trying to live this awesome kind of life, and feel like, as she put it, we’re sometimes “in the pressure cooker.” And in it, it really comes down to advice about communicating, planning, and taking risks.
  • A little awesomeness from my hometown – my hubby always was curious about the li’l horses tied up around town, so we found The Horse Project site that explains it all 🙂
  • There’s a lot of shit going around with the hashtag #WhiteFeminism which honestly I think is a load of garbage. Why? Because it’s labeling white women who are racist as feminists. That’s the thing y’all, if you’re racist or homophobic or ageist, you are NOT a feminist. Remember the actual definition of feminism: that all women are equal to men. Period. Not based on color, sexuality, age, or any other category used to separate and discriminate. There’s a great article by Gloria Steinem, who has always walked hand in hand with feminists of all colors, about how black women founded feminism. It gets so exhausting seeing people – mostly women, it seems – competing to whether racism or feminism is worse, and you know what? They are both equally shitty. “Suffrage” supposedly came in 1920 but Native Americans didn’t get citizenship til later, and the Voting Rights Act didn’t protect the rights of blacks to vote until 1965. So with that, it’s only been 50 years since ALL women have had the right to vote. Yet ironically, even though the Civil Rights Act passed, the Equal Rights Amendment has never been fully ratified to constitutionally protect the rights of women. I’m pretty damn sick and tired of this self-congratulatory attitude of our country kissing the ass of the Constitution which was created for white male property owners – NOT all people. It had some good ideas, but it also had some bad stuff in it. So here it is just after the latest anniversary of 9/11 and instead of us patting ourselves on the back and worshiping our military as “heroes” (who, let’s face it, are sent out to protect not our safety at home but the economic interests of the rich and powerful), let’s do something to lessen the hate and increase the love.
  • Phthalates. We’ve heard of them. We know to avoid them. Women – are the men in your lives avoiding them? It’s also shown that DEHP, a common phthalate, lowers sperm motility.
  • I’ve been thinking about body image and self-acceptance a lot, both in myself and with what so many go through. If you’ve been thin your whole life, it often takes education from thicker folks to see why life is a bit different for those who don’t meet society’s standards. 10 Struggles of Women with Big Thighs is a real, sometimes funny, explanation. Having fluctuated between a size 4 and a size 18 over the past 25 years, I know what it’s like to both be “too skinny”, worrying about how I didn’t have any hips or boobs, to being labeled “obese” in capital letters by my (since fired for her ignorance, neglect and overall assholishness) first RE.
  • Another good article on making your own toothpaste, deo, and more. This one has recipes with ingredients that most grocery stores near me actually have (d’oh!). 🙂
  • And finally, Lena Dunham interviews Hillary Clinton. I never was a fan of Girls but I do dig the Dunham smarts. Bernie’s a nice guy, yes, but we are starved as a country for female leadership. I know she will look out for our gender – something I’ve always felt was secondary to our past (even our good current one) presidents. Stop expecting her to be perfect – none of the men are. What I care about is that she’s fought for women more than any other politician out there, both here and around the world. No one else has made the health, safety and success of women as important as she has. Period.

“Woman’s degradation is in mans idea of his sexual rights. Our religion, laws, customs, are all founded on the belief that woman was made for man.”
― Elizabeth Cady Stanton

3 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. I never thought to look and see if Shannon Hayes had a blog so thank you.

    There is so much here in this one post to comment on I could write an entire post on it, I’ll spare you and just pick a few. I have always identified as a feminist and taken a lot of crap about it. No one seems to realize the true meaning is equality between the sexes. I get comments like, so you think you should be allowed to do every job a man does even if you can’t do it well and be paid the same? No, if I can’t do a job I won’t be applying for it. People also think if you identify as a feminist you hate men. It just baffles me.

    On the subject of Hilary Clinton, well I think you and I will just have to disagree as to whether she would make a good president. I agree she’s done a lot for women, I loved when she told Barbara Bush she basically had better things to do than bake cookies, but I don’t trust her. This secret email and deleting emails reminds me of Nixon, a person who is so competitive they need to cheat even if winning is a done deal. I don’t honestly see a viable candidate out there.


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