Week in Pictures

 Super excited that this month's donation is going to Ecology in Classrooms & Outdoors
Super excited that this month’s charitable donation is going to Ecology in Classrooms & Outdoors. ECO “inspires elementary school students to connect to our natural world by providing hands-on ecology enrichment programs,” and is in a bunch of schools in Portland. I only wish now they were here in Woodlawn! Love love LOVE what they do!
2015-08-31 13.45.15
This summer I watched longtime renting neighbors a couple houses down have to move out and today, in a near-instant, the house was bulldozed to make room to split this lot in half and build two tall, overpriced skinnies. This will make EIGHT tall skinnies on our street, with the two most recent on the market at $600K each.
2015-08-31 17.47.04
Our 8 bushes of striped heirloom Roma tomatoes are starting to ripen! I’m especially happy as they have had a much lower percentage of blossom end rot compared to our 8 San Marzano bushes. We got so excited we made a batch of marinara almost instantly and gobbled it down with some delicious Classic Foods linguini made just down the street from us. Yum 🙂
2015-08-31 17.08.26
With our girl Ruby dealing with Cushing’s Disease, rather than put her on $400 toxic meds, we started out homeopathically with Cushex – to no avail. So we looked dietary changes (beyond raw food which is super spendy), and I read that, beyond grain-free (which she was already doing in her Avoderm kibble) incorporating wet food can often help. So off we were to Healthy Pets NW, and picked up a bunch of Evanger’s, and let’s just say WOW. Obviously Ruby thinks she’s won the lottery, but the best part is her massive thirst – a signature symptom of Cushex – is completely GONE. Along with that, her constant “snotty eyes” are nearly all cleared up and I haven’t seen her grind her ear into the ground every time we go outside (two vets in a row have prescribed $40 ear drops that have done NOTHING). Rad!
2015-08-31 17.07.32
Lunched with one of my favorite “aunties” who I catch up with a few times a year, and this time brought my hubby along, yay! She knows we’re eager to get our family started and brought us her favorite kid’s book, Voyage to the Bunny Planet. Sooo sweet!!

3 thoughts on “Week in Pictures

  1. Congrats on finding a solution for Ruby’s health. Just like with us humans the prescription meds should only be used as a last resort. I had vets who told me we should feed our dogs real food, not junk but wholesome ingredients such as rice and chicken, root vegetable and so on. It helped heal one puppy from pneumonia. I never forgot that and shy from most commercial dog foods.

    You know I think there is a place for a tall skinny, same as there is a place for any kind of responsible building but this is not it. I know real estate is very pricey in your area but to tear down homes and change the entire feel of the neighborhood is wrong. Are you still thinking of moving? I know you were contemplating it a while back. If so I hope no one tears down your home just to maximize profits.


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