Six pints of pear salsa made with the first ripened tomatoes of 2015! Usually I do peach but forgot to set some aside while canning so am trying a mellower version with the Bartletts we picked at Sauvie Island a week and a half ago (they took forEVER to ripen!). Nearly everything except the spices were straight from the garden - onions, garlic, serrano peppers and yellow "Glow" sweet peppers (the latter which are the star so far of our 20+ pepper plants!).
Six pints of pear salsa made with our first ripened tomatoes of our 2015 garden! Usually I use peaches but I forgot to set some aside while canning, so am trying a mellower version with the Bartlett pears we picked at Sauvie Island a week and a half ago (they took forEVER to ripen!). Everything except the spices were straight from our garden – onions, garlic, serrano peppers and orange “Glow” sweet peppers (the latter which are the star so far of our 20+ pepper plants!).

Hard to believe that we’re closing in on fall…sunset coming earlier and garden in full swing, there’s so much to keep us busy at home that sometimes it’s a shame to work 🙂

Here are some items of note I thought I’d share…

  • For those of you who read the New York Times’ article this past Sunday about Amazon, I’ll share as a recruiter once pursued by them that I’m not surprised at all about the reporting of their Chinese-factory-esque culture. I rejected their attempts to woo me after their total rude and belittling behavior towards me during an interview (which they’d been pursuing me to have with them) back in 2012. I care about my candidates and my employees, and if they can’t see that these two groups are all customers, they’ve lost my business. While I’d heard rumblings about their treatment of authors (and have since held off on my self-publishing until I figure out how that will look), reading about their treatment of women and blatant FMLA discrimination was the last straw. This week I canceled my subscriptions, seller account and closed my whole login account with them. I’m voting against Amazon with my wallet.
  • Vegan boots for my man. So awesome.
  • A little while ago, but diggin’ this picture of the Tillikum Crossing (our new car-free bridge here in Portland) that goes with the story on our city’s annual Bridge Pedal. We don’t do the event ourselves as neither of us do well in crowds, but fully plan on riding down there before the nice weather ends and ride across it!
  • Did you know it takes approximately 2,200 gallons of water to make ONE pair of shoes? I knew our carbon footprint on this planet sucked as a nation, but dang, this is scary. Check out this article to learn more about other water-sucking activities (and of course, another reason to stay away from burgers and beer, LOL!).
  • Diversity in education is better for the success of our future workforce, it’s shown.  I bought our house for the diversity of our neighborhood and yet am constantly blown away by some others in our neck of the woods who then send their kids to private (nearly all-white) schools. While we’re considering a mixture of our local school and some homeschooling ideas to boot, we think it’s a privilege, not a roadblock, to have our kids go to school with others who might not share the same socionomic or ethnic background. I know the more exposure I got to diverse cultures growing up and as a young woman, the better and smarter and kinder it made me 🙂
  • This article about the politics of plus-size really struck a chord with me. Melissa McCarthy has a new line coming out and mentioned the segregation of clothing for “regular” versus “plus-size” clothing in stores, and I have felt the pain as well. I grew up slender and athletic, and it wasn’t until my 30’s that I gained weight that put me on the fence between the two areas of women’s sizing, ranging anywhere from a 12 to an 18 depending on the designer. And I just got used to shopping alone or with my husband, as there’s no way I would want to shop with a smaller friend and be like “guess nothing here fits me” (any woman with curves knows the humiliation of trying on a Large by American Apparel or similar brand and checking the label twice because you think you accidentally grabbed a Small). I never thought to shout out, hey this is fucked up that department stores have separate sections for larger sized people! I don’t want to be relegated to that shitty department in the corner with twelve pieces to choose from while the size zeroes get an entire floor! Think about it – it’s pretty cold.
  • Plastic roads. Now that’s repurposing. LOVE this kinda ingenuity!

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”
~Henry David Thoreau

2 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. Your pear salsa looks so good would you be willing to share the recipe?

    I love that car free bridge. We don’t have sidewalks in most of the area here and where we do they are a mess so everyone must walk in the narrow streets and watch for cars. How nice to have a couple streets closed to traffic.

    I”m smiling about the shoes. I haven’t bought a new pair of shoes since 2004 so no water used to make shoes for me in just over a decade! Guess that’s one good thing about not being able to walk I don’t wear them out. I don’t like shoes, preferring to go barefoot, always did, so shoes are only for when I must have them.

    I saw the article on Amazon and have stopped purchasing from them. I’d been decreasing my purchases over the last couple of years but this made me quit cold turkey. The only area I am hesitant to stop using is the free books I can get to read on my tablet. There are a few that I would enjoy but even that has been drastically cut down since subscribing to Oyster for my reading.


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