Our selfie taken under a peach tree :)
Our selfie taken under a peach tree as we picked 50 lbs of Hale Haven peaches and 60 lbs of Bartlett pears – the way awesome prices to pick ’em yourself (only $1/lb) out on Sauvie Island more than paid for the cost of renting a Zipcar 🙂

August is in full swing and with the temps in the high 70’s / low 80’s means the garden is happy and we are happy! Nothing like turning off the fans at night to sleep in a quiet house…ahhhhhh!

  • Love reading about Friendship’s Sustainable Economic Development program in Bangladesh.
  • What upsets me the most about watching the Republican presidential candidates is the hate they have for so many people, from non-whites to immigrants to LGBT individuals and of course, for women. So it’s always a relief to see Jon Stewart and his intelligent responses mixed with awesome deadpan humor, this time addressing the Republican widespread attack on women. From stripping away our rights to our own bodies in many, many states, to repealing equal pay laws, to trying to ban contraception coverage under the bullshit facade of religion, to pooh-pooh’ing rape and domestic abuse, the blatant hatred for women’s rights – and the number of people in our country who support these creeps – is so repulsive to me. Who are we as Americans if this is how women are spat on? I know it’s nothing new – just louder in this day and age of internet and social media – but I suppose it’s thinking about the possibility of motherhood that’s getting me even fiercer. And yes – I’m voting for Hillary.
  • Absolutely love this article featuring the good folks at the sustainable Iliamna Fish Company – who we get our annual Alaskan sockeye salmon from – and their world at Graveyard Point each summer catching these fish. Just 3 more weeks til pickup!!!
  • Well, it’s only been 40+ years since they set the bottle bill at five cents per item, and now it’s finally going up to ten cents = but unfortunately, only because recycling levels have gone down, not because of inflation. But if it works, I’m all for it!
  • When you bring home 50 pounds of ripe peaches, any experienced preserver knows this means you cannot hesitate when you walk in the door. You get your arse in gear, with the hot water on the stove and ice water on the counter to get those peels to slip off, then slice, pit, slice and stuff into jars, all the while with a light syrup on the stove to pack those cans AND a stockpot bubbling when the jars are ready for processing. It’s exhausting, and after skipping last year, I was quickly reminded why I’d taken a year off of this particular fruit. But now with my awesome hubby, who’s been bugging me to include him when I can, I had a co-preserver with me, taking care of the peeling/pitting/chopping element, and allowing us to get everything done before midnight (gasp!). and with his eternal patience and non-rushing-ness, it meant more good slices and less “peach mush”. But we did have a bit, so with that I made peach vanilla jam. Oh yum yum yum I can’t wait to try!

“I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.”
~James Baldwin


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