Well we got some gorgeous wonderful awesome cooler temps last week including about a 1/2″ of much-needed rain but then the heat wave came back. 103 yesterday with the same expected today. The (Energy Star) window A/C in our bedroom running at night almost doubled our electricity bill last month from $40 to $70 but I’m rationalizing this by considering it the equivalent of 3 trips to an air-conditioned movie theater. 🙂 We are pretty tough, considering our house gets only down to about 78 at night and was 86 yesterday, but man, I just can’t take triple digits! My husband is bike commuting still (only bussed it once in the last year when the ice finally stopped him!) and with both of us on pre-IVF antibiotics, we’re extra sun sensitive so super-slathering of sunscreen is definitely happening. Fortunately he’s not the “delicate flower” that I am in the heat, LOL.

So on that note, here’s some thing I thought were worth sharing this week…

* Okra! Who knew this would be my most successful crop so far this summer. Everything else has needed so much TLC or just kicked the bucket (carrots I’ve decided are too damn sensitive so this year is my last year with them!), but these gals are thriving so we’re cutting. chopping, and freezing until we have enough to make a gumbo. Yummmmmm. Here are great tips on growing okra.

* Algae monsters in Ohio. Eww! We had some “bloom” (way too nice of a term if you ask me) in the Willamette this year but not to that extent. Fertilizers are fucking up the water and something MUST be done. To my organic farmer readers – I’d love to hear what kind of (obviously) techniques you use. Being a city kid I hear and read stuff but personal stories are the best!

* Our tech community has suffered a huge loss this week with the sudden passing of Noirin Plunkett, a major source of inspiration and leadership for women in tech. I knew her when she was a candidate at Puppet Labs where I once recruited, and saw a light that was so bright that I knew she was meant for things greater than where we were at. She/they did go on to do great things, as an advisor to the Ada Initiative and so much more. During all of this, Noirin bravely battled the worst of the worst in the tech community (see this and this). I don’t know how she left this world, just that she is gone way, way too soon.

* In Australia, for decades they’ve had a “Slip Slop Slap” campaign where children and teachers are required to protect themselves from the sun and skin cancer (slip on a t-shirt, slop on some sunscreen, slap on a hat). In 2007 they added Seek (seek shade) and Slide (slide on sunglasses) and as my husband said, it’s just par for the course there. I remember while we were there together you could never see the tops of kids’ heads, it was a sea of hats and so cool to see that kind of care taken for the little ones – and the teachers! Here’s an article recommending it here in the US.

* And I just LOVED reading about the Kakenya Center for Excellence who “seeks to empower and motivate young girls through education to become agents of change and to break the cycle of destructive cultural practices in Kenya, such as female genital mutilation and early forced marriage.” Started by a woman who’s been there, she’s making an amazing impact.

* Finally, for those on Twitter, check out the hashtag #DearNonNatives or go HERE and see the important dialogue happening on Native American culture, stereotypes, and what needs to change in our society to make things right.

“Life is not about how fast you run or how high you climb but how well you bounce.”
~Vivian Komori


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