this year’s new addition to the garden, red black-eyed susans, loving the summer shower!

It’s raining! Our first measurable rainfall since the start of June and I swear I can hear our plants in the garden cheering. Hubby put on his flannel but me? Refused like a toddler to put on my raincoat to go over to the cafe, heeheehee…

I forgot to post last week (gasp!) and am a day late today, but here are some of the things this eco feminist wants to share with y’all…

* Overpopulation and the Green Revolution – a super interesting article from Utne Reader about science and technology used to combat starvation and the effects of climate change…and even a nod to one of the most intriguing books I ever read as a kid, The Population Bomb.

* Putting an end to child abduction in Africa is the topic of Difret. A must see.

* Love  The Minimalist Mom’s post Living in a Small Space with a Baby. Our kiddo will have her own room waiting in the basement when she’s big enough, but in the meantime, when she first arrives, our rarely used dining room-slash-office will be her digs 🙂

* And speaking of little ones, Dear Friends of Waiting Adoptive Moms: Some Things to Know says a lot about what’s on my mind in that category.

* For those who love my hometown of Portland and even for those who know nothing about us out here in Stumptown, watch this short video “evolution” of our city, Yesterday’s Tomorrow. Anyone who’s seen the city where they were born change so much over decades will get this poignant take on change, narrated by a 100 year old Portland native.

* Finally, in this zucchini-crazy harvest, very much gobbling up this different take on the bread we all make: cheesy garlic zucchini bread. YUM!

“Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.
~ John Updike


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