Day Five: repiping is done, water service replacement is done, floor is partly done, and toilet gets set today, wheeee! Let me tell you how grateful I am to not have to use a camp toilet or a jar anymore!
Day Five: repiping is done, water service replacement is done (seriously traumatic watching a giant drill go from the street, under your property, and try to hit a “mark” in your basement), our pretty new floor tiles are partially done, and toilet gets set today, wheeee! Let me tell you how grateful I am to not have to use a camp toilet or a jar anymore! They are taking a 3 day weekend (sigh…) so the rest won’t get finished til next week. Husband went to the barber to get a shampoo and cut, and I had him wash mine in our kitchen sink with the new faucet (finally, a sprayer!).

The picture and caption above tells you about my week. Well, except for the fact that it’s supposed to hit 102 degrees tomorrow, in Oregon, in late June. WTF! Weird to already have the makeshift shade cloths out to protect the peppers and tomatoes that are already 2-3′ tall!

Here’s some things crossing my path this week…

* A ton of great ideas (including our bedsheet-as-shadecloth idea!) on protecting your veggies during heat waves.

* Hugely relieved that the SCOTUS did the right thing and upheld the Affordable Care Act (note t readers: I urge those who do to please STOP using the politically charged term “Obamacare” – it was passed by many, many congresspeople, not some dictator like the Republicans demonize him at, and gets away from the spirit of the act, which was to provide access to millions.) as well as protecting the Fair Housing Act which, along with housing, protects education. As Politico reports, “…the agency has used disparate impact to investigate school financing to ensure that the nation’s poorest schools serving the most disadvantaged students get their fair share of funding and resources.” Whether people want to admit it or not, discrimination is still alive in our country, and it goes well beyond those creeps who are trying to protect the American swastika that is the Confederate flag.

* On a different subject, it still amazes me that they’re lying to students about birth control and teaching abstinence-only sex ed. And those states are where they’re getting the most teen pregnancies and STDs. Sigh. While it wasn’t perfect in the 80’s when I went to junior high, they at least pulled the banana and the condom out at least once during that time. With that, I’m digging the Geek Dad post with the top books on sex-ed for kids. And my favorite, Where Did I Come From?, is still in there. Hubby and I, upon seeing his sperm in the microscope last week, giggled at th fact that they weren’t in tuxedos trying to woo the egg 🙂

* Totally almost peed myself reading Shit That Happens on a Farm. DIYDiva is one of the funniest homesteader bloggers out there. We need more of that! She’s a badass.

* “People are never as happy in the long run after spending money on material items than they are after forking out for adventures, travel, and experiences.” I couldn’t agree more and love the article about the study that proved this (what some may think as a no-brainer) truth.

* And finally, I **love** the French taxi drivers protesting Uber!!! Not only are they fighting the good fight against a tech / transportation company known for its anti-female “brogrammer” culture, trying to classify drivers as contractors instead of employees (therefore avoiding paying taxes, benefits, liability, etc.), and using their snakiness to try to get around following the same regulations that taxicabs have to, but it’s also brought attention to using the Metro in Paris. Rad. Can’t wait to do just that when we go to the City of Lights this fall. Uber is a gross, gross company that represents the worst in American business not to mention tech hybrid startups. This is not about a “sharing economy”, this is about playing fair, paying your fair share, and treating all people with respect.

“Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you. Never excuse yourself.”
~Henry Ward Beecher

One thought on “Eco-licious

  1. I am a bit out of touch on sex ed policies in school as mine are too old or too young but I thought abstinence only policies left when Bush, Jr. left office. Haven’t they figured out yet that telling teens not to do something guarantees they will do it?

    Your bathroom remodel is scaring me enough to reconsider the plans I had for mine. I may scale back a bit and do things in stages, such as doing the toilet all in one day if I don’t lay new tile.


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