First canning of 2015!
First canning of 2015! Yes that’s a lotta strawberries. Not enough in our garden to do the amount of jamming I needed to do, so I took advantage of my husband’s store discount and got 2 full pallets of the delicious organic Hood strawberries. The fun part was tossing them all into a grocery bag to lug them on my bike home 🙂 I ended up making strawberry honey jam (no sugar, just berries, honey, lemon juice and shredded apples for pectin) was my new experiment for half the batch, and the rest was my normal preserves which I use just a wee bit of brown sugar and sugar-free pectin. But boy I did I forget about sore post-canning feet! Either way…hella YUM!

* Art from garbage = wildlife murals? Gorgeous.

* “I don’t look good for my age. I look good.” Hell yeah to this article, which I found after receiving the odd compliment that many women get – the “oh I’d never know you were 40!” that actually dig at one’s biological age being something that makes women not as beautiful, i.e., youth is pretty and if you look young that’s good, but god forbid you look whatever the “standard” is for a particular age. This IS what 41 looks like – and I don’t want anyone thinking I’m 28!

* Check out the gorgeous stamped jewelry by blogger Minnesota from Scratch!

* Her emphasis on protecting the work President Obama has done for the environment (not perfect, but steps in the right direction) is another reason I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.

* And finally, THIS is why Amy Schumer is my newest hero:


One thought on “Eco-Licious

  1. That’s a whole lotta strawberries there. You need to get a counter height stool to give your feet a break during canning. I will have to save your recipe for next year and give it a try when I get enough strawberries.


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