Anniversary Getaway: Revisiting Where It All Happened

For our first wedding anniversary, my husband and I wanted to keep it simple while still getting out of the city. Having a momentous day so close to a holiday weekend (and next year, ON the holiday weekend, oy!) we decided to go Thursday and Friday (Friday our anniversary) to the Oregon Coast, that way we’d be arriving back home as everyone else was taking off for the beach.

If you haven’t been following my blog all that long, last May we got married at our favorite little beach on a Thursday morning, and did it just how we wanted it – quiet, serene, just a few friends as witnesses, and in a place that has meant a lot to us as we became closer as a couple. So when we returned for our anniversary, we spent an even quieter morning, just us and our dog, revisiting where we said our vows. And hey, we had our pup with us this time around, so we took on several other beaches as well! We stayed in Manzanita, had a totally kick back dinner the eve of our anniversary, and returned to our favorite breakfast spot where we had our brunch last year after the ceremony as well. We then drove up the coast to have lunch in Astoria and took Highway 30 along the Columbia River back home, a bit longer of a drive but worth it to be amongst the trees (and avoid the PDX freeway traffic nightmares of returning to the city on a weekday around rush hour). We then treated ourselves to a romantic Italian dinner and then splurged on dessert nearby. A beautiful way of celebrating our first 365 days as husband and wife, while looking forward to the upcoming year…

The sun even came out for a wee bit! Didn’t even think about asking the passers-by to take our photo so this selfie was the only shot we got, d’oh!
Look what he wrote for us 🙂
The tide was wayyyyy out at Short Sands so we got to check out a few places we rarely get to access, including this cave
My absolute favorite photo from the trip…it was misty and we were having the time of our lives, and as you can tell, our dog was experiencing the kind of joy that only the ocean air can bring…
look at that love!
Ruby and I walked up ahead to get the first up-close shot of this waterfall, also accessible due to the very low tide. My first time getting this close, sweet!!!!
Rad. This salamander that crossed the trail (and which Ruby was oblivious to, almost stepping on) we finally identified as the Rough Skinned Newt which is “the only salamander that is active above ground, out in the open and during the day — and slow-footed to boot.” (And incredibly poisonous if eaten!)
the husband and I get a bit archaelogical, really grooving on the layers and the colors looking at a sea wall at Short Sands…so so cool…
Haystack Rock….just before the Cannon Beach crowds….a rare quiet moment the morning we arrived to the coast.
We revisited the small clearing in the forest where we said our vows and created this natural memory as we took some time to talk about what the past year has meant to each of us. The clearing is evolving, already looking different as Oswald West State Park is starting to plant seedlings to “fill in” the old campsites (I camped here in college with friends, including right after high school graduation with a friend, and they were just primitive sites with old wooden wheelbarrows to take your stuff down the mile-ish walk in from the parking lot. In 2008 the park closed after several trees fell and it was no longer deemed safe – and reading this blog from the park, it makes perfect sense…so the old campsite clearings someday will be nearly impossible to find…).
The sky and the sparkle of the ocean at Manzanita always is a little bit different than the other spots on the coast…we love the quiet…
getting up close next to the shoreline…
fallen trees absorbed into the forest layers…so gorgeous!
tidepool discoveries…i never get tired of watching these pretties…
My honey shows our dog the spot by the creek where he first saw me in my wedding dress and we walked together, just the two of us, to meet the others waiting in the clearing.
My honey shows our pup the spot by the creek where he first saw me in my wedding dress and we walked together, just the two of us, to meet the others waiting in the clearing. Of course her main objective was to drink as much water as possible. It was a wonderful 48 hours away from our regular life to breathe deeply, mellow out, and celebrate our great love 🙂



5 thoughts on “Anniversary Getaway: Revisiting Where It All Happened

  1. Happy Anniversary! I wish you 50+ more. 🙂 Great photos, too. My dream is to get a travel trailer and travel the country for a year, I especially want to get back out to the west coast.

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  2. Happy Anniversary! I’m thrilled you decided on Oswald West for your ceremony (and revising for your 1st Anniversary). It’s such a special spot. I noticed you stayed in Manzanita, but you didn’t mention of names of places you visited (plus the breakfast spot in Astoria). We write a blog re North Coast beach life, and have three oceanside vacation rentals in Manzanita – – and always love to pass on recommendations from others (yep, even places you like to stay).

    Happy 1st Year!

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    1. Hi Kim – This is where we went on our wedding: and the blog it was featured on: For our anniversary we stayed at the Inn at Manzanita (OK but not our fave – I like the proximity to the water but would do the Sunset Surf for a cheaper rate, otherwise the Coast Cabins rock there!), with breakfast at Bread and Ocean, and lunch at the Astoria Coffeehouse. Great to know about the rentals – assuming they are dog friendly?


      1. Love both Bread and Ocean and Astoria Coffeehouse. Good choices. Next time you’re in the area, try Buttercup in Nehalem. Julie (original owner of Bread and Ocean) opened a chowder and artisan ice cream place. She makes chowders (including vegetarian/vegan) to order. Also tops on our list is Rising Star Cafe in Wheeler. I think you’d love it. Local and scrumptious. If you’re feeling swank, try Blackbird.

        All good accommodation choices. We often refer economy-minded guests to Sunset Surf. Coast Cabins is great, except not as beach accessible. They do have a new beachfront house they’re renting. If you’re looking for a great Bed & Breakfast experience, look into The Awtrey House Bed and Breakfast. Beautiful design and views.

        Two of our houses are pet friendly (after all, Manzanita is a great place for dogs, and we have two ourselves), and one is pet free for our guests who requested an allergen free house. From your descriptions, I think you’d really like this house:

        We just finished remodeling one of the original 100 year old oceanside Manzanita beach houses which sleeps 20, if you ever visit with a group. It’s a terrific house, and yes, it’s pet friendly too!

        I’m thrilled you enjoy Manzanita too!


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