my handsome honey
my handsome husband enjoying the sunshine as we rode into downtown and along the waterfront the other day…it’s so nice to be fully getting the spring weather and cruising around on two wheels!!!

Wow. May. Which means June is coming. Wow. Time is cruising by. So much I am going to be writing about with a bit of time I’ve made to re-focus on my writing, get my zen back, and just “be”. Still doing work but at a mellower pace than the first third of the year, which was so crazy (awesome, but crazy!). Here are a few things across this week’s radar…

* Being a longtime fan of acupuncture since it cured my plantar fasciitis back in 2006, I’m crushin’ on my ND who at the end of every appointment does acupuncture to help whatever ails me, whether it be physical or mental (it’s sooo good for stress). With our pregnancy plans, acupuncture for fertility has shown to have great benefits in preparing the body for this important chapter, so I’m enjoying my biweekly sessions immensely – it’s the same kind of happy relaxation following a massage, so bring on the needles!

* I love love LOVE this article about evaluating intellectual integrity when looking at candidates – the character flaw that should disqualify one for the presidency and other high level elected officials. As author Paul Krugman explains, “ideology needs to be coupled with a mind that is open and willing to rethink when facts suggest we make an adjustment in our thinking.” As the Republican party has dramatically evolved over the decades to be so far from Lincoln (or the great Governor Tom McCall, for us Oregonians, an incredible environmentalist and supporter of responsible rather than rabid growth) that it’s no longer a simple philosophical difference in how to manage a country, now “there is a pervasive tendency to never ever admit being wrong about anything—climate, health care, runaway inflation that never came.” Bingo.

* As we know we want to repurpose as much of our galvanized pipes after we replace them with PEX, it’s been cool finding so many ideas like these featured in 10 DIY Pipe Fitting Projects (No Plumbing Required).

* Over in the garden, we have 5 new fuschias planted of varying colors and sizes, so have been contemplating training a standard fuschia into a tree. Considering an already-trained one was spotted locally for $75 last year, a DIY version is definitely in order 🙂

* With it being a big week for fashion – Met Gala and all – it’s great to see that there are eco-heroes like this working on getting the toxic side of the industry cleaned up!

* Finally, a super cool thing happening in Germany that has to do with delivering fresh vegetables…

“I must do something” always solves more problems than “Something must be done.”
~Author Unknown

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