Wellness Wisdom: Thyroid’s Connection to Fertility

As many of my regular readers know, my husband and I are currently in the process of trying to get pregnant – a very fun process to say the least 🙂 That being said, being the age of 41 can bring challenges to the normal steps involved. When you’re younger, it’s often (not always, but often) just a matter of time. Nowadays, there are a few things that have come up in discussions with my doctor that, unbeknownst to me earlier, need to be attended to pronto to ensure a healthy pregnancy. And they all revolve around…you guessed it, my thyroid.

I wrote about my thyroid issues a couple of years ago here and here when my prior naturopath had moved me over from Synthroid, a synthetic, to Armour, a natural, and put me on an elimination diet to assess my reactions to eggs, dairy and gluten. However, midway through treatment, she disappeared and stopped responding to her patients, and when I started with my new ND, when we tested my blood, it turned out the level of Armour the prior ND had prescribed hadn’t sufficiently brought my levels back to where they should be. So, over the past year, we’ve worked with Armour to discover even it’s highest dose was not doing the trick and my thyroid had actually taken a dive, and so now we’re back on the synthetics. Not my ideal, but in the name of giving my older-than-average maternal body the best chance at conception, even my ND said this was the best option. 6 weeks into it, my levels are improving dramatically and I’m almost down to normal levels.

Because here’s the thing…fertility is a tricky bugger, and hypothyroidism not kept under control ultimately affects ovulation. So, while I’d like to find au naturel ways of kicking my thyroid into year, I know I’m on a (loudly) ticking time bomb.

In the upcoming weeks I’ll be sharing more stories about health related to fertility and the things I am learning and dealing with at this point in my life. It’s a path that is very new, very real, and very much showing me who I am – not to mention the beauty of my amazing husband.

Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well. 
~Marcus Valerius Martial


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