the terror of picking out tile

“The power of a bold idea uttered publicly in defiance of dominant opinion cannot be easily measured. Those special people who speak out in such a way as to shake up not only the self-assurance of their enemies, but the complacency of their friends, are precious catalysts for change.”
~ Howard Zinn

* You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train, the documentary on the legendary Howard Zinn, is playing on Netflix as I type tonight. I am so grateful for his books that opened my eyes about real American history, not the fables taught in the public school system. I’d always known I wasn’t getting the full story, and reading through Zinn’s books, I learned more than I ever could have imagined. It was traumatic, but necessary, to understand how this country actually came to be and evolve, and has given me so much perspective on why things are the way they are now.

* With a bonus recruitment success, it means we get to take care of a much needed bathroom remodel and repiping project in our home. Doing this sustainably of course is of utmost importance, and so recently we were all over the internet and Zipcar-ing around town to various plumbing and home improvement stores to look at flooring and design options. While we stopped by more conventional options, we found those places made us crabby to put it mildly. It wasn’t until we ended our day at Green Depot did we relax and find our flow (and of course ask, why did we look anywhere else?!). We’ve “think” we’ve settled on a “zen” style bathroom with dark grays, teak, and the existing white trim. Marmoleum, Fireclay, and recycled tile are three of our favorite materials thus far for the floor and shower, and PEX for the piping that will replace our 90 year old home’s gnarly iron pipes. Our only real conundrum? Figuring out where to pee for a week our one bathroom is down. Neighbor? Port-a-potty? Bucket? Airbnb? We’ll tackle that soon enough.

* With altogether too much time on Pinterest looking for inspiration for the above, I ran into this cool blog with a post featuring The Oldest House in America. Love the part talking about how it’s not totally original from the 1600’s as they added on to it…in the 1700s!

* The other day I had lunch with a friend and she saw straight into me as my nerves exuded surrounding my husband and I trying to get pregnant. Being 41 there seem to be reminders everywhere of the odds you’re dealing with, stories of failed tries mixed with others who got pregnant right away no problem. I’ll be writing about this in a later post, but in the meantime, am taking her advice to do whatever I can to chill out. This article about trying to relax is a reminder of what’s important for me now.

“The longer you wait for something, the more you’ll appreciate it when you get it. Because anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for.”

One thought on “EcoGrrl-icious

  1. Bathroom remodeling is the hardest because it can cost so much. Love your choices for the bathroom and hope you share the before and after pics.

    I hope you are stressing less now on trying to get pregnant.


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