Our third rain barrel is now installed! We've had it for a week or so but this week the hubby built this nice stand for it (has to be strong - a full barrel can weigh 500+ lbs!) out of scrap wood. Isn't she pretty? Not painted yet - gotta figure out a great motif (here's how our 50 gal barrel and 300 gal cistern are painted)
Our third rain barrel is now installed! This Algreen one is 65 gallons and has a li’l planter on top – not much but it’s only taking rain off our We’ve had it for a week or so but this week the hubby built this nice stand for it inspired partially by this design we found and our other existing one. It had to be strong – a full barrel can weigh 500+ lbs! – so we used existing cedar scrap posts and 2×4’s in our garage. Isn’t she pretty? Not painted yet – gotta figure out a great motif (here’s pix of our 50 gal barrel and 300 gal cistern) now!

Oh happy day! The 70 degree weather arrived on Thursday and it’s been glorious! We took a long morning walk to breakfast down to Gravy on Mississippi that first day, worked a tad in the garden, read on our chaise lounges in the backyard til realizing our winter skin would probably pink up pretty quick in the rays, took a bike ride down to Poa on Williams for a light lunch (gotta love a yummy bowl), then barbecued chicken satay skewers with rice and garden-grown spinach & arugula here at home (Thursday is our Sunday in our household with my hubby’s current work schedule). So excited to get back to taking my two wheels to client

* This ain’t got nothin’ to do with EcoGrrl themes but the last three words in this trailer made me literally yelp with joy!

* This happened a few years ago but a friend from yoga shared with me this article about former President Jimmy Carter, Losing My Religion for Equality, which was extraordinary and beautiful and…about time we had a leader standing up for women.

* Did you know there was such a thing as black walnut syrup? Neither did I but wow reading about it made my mouth water?

* Speaking of food, we’re hearing a lot about the California drought where the governor is cracking down on the 20% of water wasters (residential) rather than the 80% who are so, so much worse (big agriculture including cattle, oil and fracking). And for some reasons, nuts are getting the brunt of it, so really? Stop demonizing almonds!

* As we contemplate a sustainable bathroom remodel, we are digging the recycled clay tile samples sent over to us from Fireclay Tiles. Green is gorgeous!

* Rad cycling technology continues to amaze -check out these wheels!

* GREAT way to track your state politicians’ eco friendly (or unfriendly) actions – check out Who Votes Dirty.

* On a great final note, Portland-based PacifiCorp has closed a coal plant. It’s in Utah, but it affects us all. May there be more to come.

Example is not the main thing in influencing others.  It is the only thing.
~Albert Schweitzer


3 thoughts on “EcoGrrl-icious

  1. Random comments on your post:

    I have always heard that rainwater harvesting in the west is illegal. Must not be true.

    Love Jimmy Carter’s ethic and honesty.

    Thanks for pointing out the water issue in California and that we should look at what percentage of water is used by the various industries. And my husband has pointed out that in California, Nestle is still allowed to pump out water to package in plastic and sell. Really? But I still think that California should not be feeding the nation like it does. Food, for the most part, should be local and regional – then national or international. The current system isn’t sustainable.

    Have a good week!


    1. Rainwater: There are some states that have weird laws but not all. Oregon is all about the harvest 🙂 Here’s a good overview I found, albeit a couple years old:

      * Yep, we are dealing with our new governor contemplating giving Nestle water rights here in Oregon as well, it’s so sick and twisted, exactly what Coke has been doing in Africa and India!

      * Totally agree on local/seasonal. I remember challenging our local “sustainable” grocery chain about not carrying items out of season or non-local (right now they have grapes from Chile and pears from Argentina, ugh!) and they said they sell “what people demand”. Good grief.


  2. I have never seen a rain barrel like yours before it’s cuter than most and I love how you painted yours.

    The California drought has me angry. While farmers are ripping up their almond trees companies such as Nestle are still permitted to draw water to sell to the rest of us who have plenty of water.


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