Our new clothesline!
Our newly built clothesline! Dan & I walked to the lumberyard in the neighborhood for the cedar and hardware, then followed the instructions on DIY Diva‘s Kickass Clothesline blog post to build it. We borrowed a post hole digger from the NE Portland Tool Library along with a post level (OMG we had no idea these things existed, how totally rad!), and rather than hurt our ol’ backs, we paid our awesome 15 year old neighbor kid to dig them for us (way quicker and a great way for him to make some extra $$). After the quikcrete dried, we waited til a sunny day to string up the clothesline and – voila!

Well, April has definitely started off all over the map! We’ve seen warm weather, cold weather, dry weather, wet weather, hail, thunder, lighting, wind, and quiet sunshine that makes you happy that spring is indeed under way. Our lilac is sharing it’s gorgeous scent and the second “shift” of tulips have begun to bloom in purple and yellow, and we’re seeing little peeps from the soil of blue corn (3′ versions that can actually grow in raised beds..pretty cool huh!), cippolini onions and carrots are proving that we didn’t scatter seeds in vain, and the tomatoes under the lights in our basement have now been thinned as they get their li’l leaves. Cool cool!

Here’s a few other things to share with y’all…

* Speaking of hanging laundry, In San Francisco, could hanging your laundry get you evicted? I hear about this in so many places. Fight the power! And if they try, call the media to shine a harsh light on these folks, because these kinds of bans are asinine!

* Big thanks to Cherie from Renaissance Garden for recommending Paris to Go to us for our autumn trip to Paris, with lots of sustainably-minded ideas.

* Why I’ve been a member for over 20 years: NRDC fought the military’s devastating practices in the oceans for the sake of whales and other sea mammals – and won!

* Aphids are after my roses and I’ve got neem oil spray on them every other day. Here are some new recipes for natural pest sprays.

* Now this is something I know the Eco Grandma and Green Woman Ways will like: a tiny home built with repurposed materials for only $500! Everyone can get inspired from this, y’all…

Happy Spring!


7 thoughts on “EcoGrrl-icious

  1. You never cease to amaze me with the resources available to you in your city. A tool lending library, how cool. And regardless of your reasoning, I think it’s wonderful that you enlist (and pay) your teen neighbor to help. Just think of all the skills he will have mastered and maybe even a love of working with his hands.

    There are many things I miss, and probably always will, about the town I left behind but not being able to hang my clothes outside won’t be one of them.

    Yes, you are right. I love the tiny house. I was surprised to see that with limited funds he built a drop down bed instead of using a futon. What a cool little house. I wonder, with all the people that are moving to tiny houses, smaller apartments and so on, how in the world has the average size of homes in the US not decreased in size. There must be some awfully big homes still being built.


    1. Yeah the tool lending library has been awesome to see – started out with a couple guys in a shed outside a church with a few tools and now they are getting grants and have moved into a bigger basement space and have just about everything. Plus next door to them is a “kitchen share” with stuff for canning, etc. – kinda cool!


  2. ‘Tis the season to dry clothes outside! I’m excited to make my own clothesline under the edge of my back deck. As I contemplated how to make a clothesline and where to put it, I realized I already had the infrastructure and just needed to add a line. Will be glad to have more space to hang out more clothes. I love that Portland has a tool lending library – makes so much more sense than everyone buying their own tools to sit in sheds and garages 99% of the time. There’s a local faith community in our inner city that started a tool lending library in a low-income neighborhood and it has been a hit there.


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