This serious look of my husband's and my dog's reaching over to him and looking away (as she tends to do) cracked me up so much I had to snap this shot this morning as I worked in the front yard garden :)
This serious look of my husband’s and my dog’s reaching over to him with her paw then looking away (as she loves to do) cracked me up so much I had to snap this shot this morning as I worked in the front yard garden 🙂

Well well well, a week of near 70 degree temps has been mighty grand! We however knew that it couldn’t last forever so this weekend prepare for a good inch of rain, that we have been needing. Must refill the rain barrel and cistern! With strawberries, potatoes, corn, carrots, onions, arugula, spinach, butterhead lettuce, snap peas, kale, swiss chard now planted, along with some additional marjoram, sunflower, tarragon, borage and oodles of flower seeds dispersed into the ground (not to mention our obsessive plantings of natives done a couple of weeks ago, we are in that giddy mood watching the first evidence of spring …. anemonies and tulips in their first blooms, lilacs getting their buds ready, bumblebees having their way with the huckleberry blossoms, our new dogwood tree on the verge of blossoming, the intoxicating smell of the daphne finally in bloom after two uneventful years prior in the ground…and the bouquet of daffodils and grape hyacinth and fern fronds my hubby picked (the man could be a florist, he’s got that design touch, I tell ya!)…spring is good, life is good, and so much promise for 2015…

While I wax poetic, here are a few tidbits that I wanted to share with the world…

* Speaking of positivity, I loved this article on The Eco-Optimists. If you don’t follow Dissent Magazine on Twitter or other social media, by the way, I highly recommend checking it out!

* And while some areas of the country will say “huh?” to this right now, I looked up the 2014 Best Beach & Sport Sunscreens by the Environmental Working Group, the best source out there in my opinion to check out what you’re putting on your body. Happy to see the Alba Botanica Mineral Sport sunscreen we’re using is on the list 🙂

* With the babymaking efforts in high gear (practice is SO fun!), we wonder if we might need to give in an get ourselves a vehicle then that will more easily transport a little one and the pup (Zipcars don’t take too kindly to dogs that aren’t in a carrier – and there’s no way our mastiff will go in one!) on outings, but with the current electric car standard at around 100 miles per charge, we’re not quite ready to commit such a pretty penny to not even go round trip to the beach on a charge with the still-sporadic number EV charging stations along the way. So it’s pretty cool to see Ford is working on a 200-mile range EV. Rad!!!! We have two people we know who own the Leaf and love it, but having lived 8 years now car-free, I’m still a bit gunshy about having another vehicle. Not to mention I refuse to ever take out a car loan again! (Debt free – minus the mortgage – living has become seriously addictive!!!)

* Seriously grossed out by the 47 Republicans who have attempted to sabotage the President by telling Iran not to negotiate with Obama, the article Will the GOP try to block a climate deal just like they did with an Iran deal? has impacted me a lot. I’m curious how these folks are not in prison as I’d think that throwing our President under the bus like this would be grounds for treason. Such a dirty feeling every time I see how they are attempting to bury our country, it is shameful and embarrassing to be an American and those who voted for these criminals out to be held accountable for their support of these criminals.

* On a happier note worthy of Eco-Grandma’s “good news Monday” series, I am DIGGING this story of an abandoned Walmart turned into a library. Now that’s going in the right direction, woo hoo!

* Finally, on a great note, it makes me proud to see one of our congresspeople sponsoring a bill to ban ivory trade in Oregon. Did you know there’s a federal ban but a loophole remains for states to allow it? Yikes. Yay for Oregon, about damn time.

our first anemone!
our first anemone!

2 thoughts on “EcoGrrl-icious

  1. You are right I loved that library. Not only is a library a better option than a WalMart but they put real thought into the materials seeking recycled pieces and things that could be recycled when their life is over. Just looking at the pictures that is one library I’d enjoy spending time in.

    I can feel your hesitation on purchasing a car. I am very happy with my car-free life but moving complicated things because amenities aren’t as close to me here but I still won’t buy a car. The few times I need a car I just give my kids a few bucks to take me. Having said that, I couldn’t have imagined life without a car when my kids were young. We didn’t exactly live within walking distance of what we needed, we were out in the country, but our winters are so cold that it would have been a hazard to be out for any length of time with little ones.

    As for congress, I am so sick of the partisanship whether it’s on Israel or now Iran, just do the right thing. I think it’s time we take back our power. The federal government was originally only given the power to control issues between the states not to tell states what to do. Speaking of states, I had no idea there was a loophole for states to allow ivory trading. Good for Oregon for banning this.


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