So excited to be able to pay it forward and donate a portion of my income each month to a local deserving nonprofit. For February, Vibe of Portland was the recipient, who
So excited to be able to pay it forward and donate a portion of my business income each month to a local deserving nonprofit. For February, Vibe of Portland was the recipient, whose Vibe@Schools program provides “quality long-term art & music education in schools with minimal to no arts instruction where a high proportion of students live at or below the poverty line.” LOVE!

Happy March! WOW! Looking at temps in the high 60’s this weekend and now just needing a good rain here in the Rose City that has been surprisingly lacking for our usually rainy time of year. But I can’t complain – this is dreamy for my gardening soul πŸ™‚

* While I’m no longer strict about avoiding gluten and eggs as I was a couple of years ago, and have found that my body can tolerate a few small forms of dairy (primarily the hard/dry cheeses like parmigiano, etc. – but still no milk/cream), I do like to avoid them when I have good options like the site 31 Days of Gluten, Dairy and Egg-Free Comfort Food! (We just made a vat of baked beans this week in our cast iron Dutch oven – tastes amazing πŸ™‚

* Switching gears to the topic of environmental health, I came across a super interesting article discussing the impact of climate change and chemicals on the health of our wildlife.

* Glad to see Oregon has finally banned pesticides related to recent massive bee deaths. May this be the first of many steps to get these toxins out of our environment!!

* LOVE the blogger Treading My Own Path and totally digging her recent post Have Experiences, Not Stuff. It reminds me of our trip up to Orcas Island as part of our honeymoon road trip where we also considered seeing the orca whales one of the most magical events of the entire trip, if not entire year! I’ll take that any day over fancy trinkets!

* My quest to find a truly natural deo that doesn’t have the OPPOSITE (ahem!) effect on my pits has led me to Fat and the Moon natural cream deoderant that uses aluminum-free baking soda. I am too lazy to try making my own so I ordered this on Etsy and will report back soon!!

* On the work front, a quick congrats to my client OpenSesame for making Oregon’s Top 100 Companies to Work For! Nothing like yoga at work to get the good energy going πŸ™‚

* And finally, as it’s such an awesome time for gardening in the Northwest (today I actually contemplated sunscreen with my pale arms out in the sunshine for so long) that I’m considering this cute DIY project with a few of the rocks we have in our yard. Cute cute!

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”
~Robin Williams

6 thoughts on “EcoGrrl-icious

  1. That is definitely good news on the pesticide ban why does it have to take a political act to get rid of these? You would think no amount of profits would be worth killing off the one insect we need for our survival.

    Lindsay’s birthday gift to her hubby was amazing! Seeing whales in the wild is still on my bucket list.

    I keep saying I am going to paint rocks for my garden too, just haven’t gotten around to it. And on the deodorant front I don’t like the DIY recipe I made, the baking soda irritates my skin so I just ordered a cream version made right here in my state. Another plus is that it comes in a glass jar. πŸ™‚ I was so happy with my Tom’s of Maine deodorant that it really bums me out that they sold out. Maybe between the two of us we can find a good one that works.


  2. Spring is starting to spring in my part of the world too. I’m glad that Oregon has banned bee killing pesticides. I’m off to make a bee home with my kids today part of a local bee friendly movement. My lavender hasn’t started to regrow yet but I know it will soon. Love watching the bees enjoying the flowers


  3. So good to hear about the pesticide ban! Not holding my breath on it happening here but trends do catch on…

    Over time, I’ve found that a (fairly) clean diet plus not using deodorant regularly has made my body adjust to where I rarely need any at all. For when I do need it, I sometimes make a mix of cheap vodka, distilled water, a little baking soda, and tea tree plus lavender essential oils, all put in a spray bottle. I’ve also bought from a friend who makes it from coconut oil, baking soda, essential oils, and a couple of other ingredients. Good luck with the new one. (By the way, those crystals never seemed to work for me.)


    1. Very interesting! Mine only is “needed” when I’m stressed -that’s when it get’s a little steenky πŸ™‚ Agree, those crystals are just, well, rocks! Currently use rosemary mint deo by Earth Science which is OK but I want better.


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