We saw the film Timbuktu last night. Find your way to go see it. Amazing. (image source)
We saw the incredible film Timbuktu last night. Find your way to go see it. Amazing. (image source)

Happy Friday!

* Tired of being told to “play nice” growing up (and in the workplace), this Fembot article, No, I Will Not ‘Calm Down’ hit the nail on the head about how women are treated by concern trolls and others who call women “unladylike” when they express their opinions with any type of emotion.

* Being in the garden mode, digging the Food Not Lawns blog!

* Super interesting piece on the self-segregation that can happen among women of color.

* My friend Christina told me about the Finnish tradition of baby boxes – what a rad idea!

* The 28 Cleanest Cities in the World – awesome!

* Finally, a little nostalgia as I found this video of baseball legend Buck O’Neil at his hall of fame induction. I had the opportunity to work with Buck at a Jackie Robinson Dinner  I organized and managed back in 2002 for the YMCA and remember his 90-something year old self coming up to me for the first time with a huge huge, huge smile, and a li’l pinch on the rear. 🙂



One thought on “EcoGrrl-icious

  1. The Fembot article was interesting and brought back memories of 1982 when I was told I wouldn’t be respected in a predominantly all male industry. My employees proved just the opposite.

    And I love, love the baby boxes. What a great way to help families and a box is a much less expensive than a store bought crib. My grandparents told me their babies started off sleeping in a dresser drawer.


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