I Love Paris in the Fall

Montorgueil (Paris)
Montmartre (Paris)
Montmartre (Paris)

With our bank of frequent flyer miles needing to be used by year-end, and 2015 hopefully being our final “BK” (=Before Kids) year, we have decided to go somewhere that we talked about when were were first starting out in our relationship…Paris.

My husband has never been to France and it’s been almost 16 years since my solo trip in my 20’s to Paris…one of the great adventures of a lifetime. I brought my journal, 20 rolls of black & white film, and a carry-on with a few basics and spent 10 amazing days wandering the streets, crossing the bridges, sipping at cafes, and writing in gardens. While I was there, I thought, while this is a wonderful town to go solo in, someday I’d come back with my true love. And…voila!

While we’re not pregnant yet (ahem, production efforts have just kicked off this month!), this holiday is what we’d call our “babymoon”, that last hurrah celebrating our life as just the two of us. So with that, we’ve used up every frequent flyer mile we’ve accrued to cover the flight, and are spending next to nothing on lodging through Airbnb! Did you know there are a zillion options in the $60-90/night range in perfectly lovely close-in areas? We were thrilled to learn this, and so the three photographs included at the top of this are of the places we’ll be staying! Simple, lovely, and in close proximity to where we want to go.  And yes, part of our time in Paris will be actually outside of Paris, less than an hour away in the countryside at Giverny, where Monet was inspired. We had considered taking the train somewhere further out, but with limited vacation time for Dan, want our trip to be as unhurried as possible.

And with that slow pace, we’ve only got a few places to check out. I want to return to the Rodin gardens and  check out L’Orangerie, which was closed for renovations back when I was there, and he wants to see the gravesites of the famous writers at Pere Lachaise. No car needed, just our two feet and the Metro, with a train taking us out to Giverny. Other than that? We just will enjoy the simple food, beautiful architecture, and a relaxing time away, just the two of us.

Paris is always a good idea.”
~ Audrey Hepburn

Looking up at the Eiffel Tower in 1999 as it counted down to the new millenium...my how I have changed since this was taken...
Looking up at the Eiffel Tower in 1999 as it counted down to the new millenium during my stay in the City of Lights…my how I have changed since I took this…



One thought on “I Love Paris in the Fall

  1. So excited for you! I would love to go back some day – both times I went I had children to care for so was a bit distracted. You’re wise to do it before starting your family.


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