Happy spinach planter!
Readers may remember that this piece here started out as our old TV shelving unit! My husband repurposed the legs and the bottom piece of wood off to make our coffee table for my birthday last year, and for a while I used the rest here as a gardening table, but today we decided in all the sunshine to paint it blue, drill holes in the bottom for drainage, add a back piece of scrap wood, toss in some soil, and plant some spinach!

So sorry for those on the East Coast dealing with the snow as we are having extraordinarily mild temperatures again today in Portland. It’s been so great to get our backyard in order, transplant our climbing roses from pots to the new enclosed side yard/garden, and along with the above repurposing project we did together, I repurposed a bunch of cedar fencing to build a big awesome compost bin to double the capacity of the trusty “Earth Machine” plastic one that I’ve had for the past 9 years (pictures to come once we get it into place!).

Here are a few other things on my list to share this week…

* On Monday I’m going to stop by Powell’s on Hawthorne to see Yes! Magazine’s Sarah Van Gelder talk about her book, Sustainable Happiness: Live Simply, Live Well, Make a Difference. If you’re local and are interested in going, maybe I’ll see you there!!

* The creepy truth about GOP climate denier Joni Ernst who gave the Stepford-esque response to the State of the Union? She wants to abolish the EPA. Gross.

* “Depictions of male experiences are often gender neutral, while depictions of female experience are all about gender.” The article What if ‘Boyhood’ Were ‘Girlhood’? is a topic I was planning to write a post on but in the meantime, this asks a few of the questions. Great movie, but why did the really interesting outspoken older sister get almost zero storyline while the mother, father, and son were center stage?

* Love reading about gardening on unseasonably warm days like today, including No-Till Gardening and saving the world.

* And of course as we work on starting our own family, I’m digging this infographic of Fertility Diet Do’s and Don’ts. Soy seems to be in everything so I’m paying special attention to cleansing this out of my body.

* Finally, I am completely digging this advice about learning about life through traveling more! My husband and I, now that he has his green card and can travel, have decided to use our frequent flyer miles and take our own little romantic trip to Paris this fall after harvest. I haven’t been since my solo trip in 1999 and he’s never been to that section of Europe, so we thought this would be a great way to explore in the less touristy season. And who knows, maybe it will also double as a babymoon….


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