This week has been all about the Hydro Flask hiring. Awesome!
This week has been nearly all about massive Hydro Flask hiring. Awesome! (image source)

* Love this website Foraging for Wild Edibles – from huckleberries to mushrooms to salal, lots of ideas, pictures and more. And digging that salal will be at the upcoming Native Plants Sale, an annual event here in Portland beginning January 21st that makes it kind of like getting concert tickets. Plan your order and get online at 7am! Crazy and fun and I love it 🙂

* Great recipe for DIY Almond Milk that my hubby and I are determined to try soon!

* Stalking the Minefield of Male Entitlement – great, great article to get the mind thinking about the old term “boys will be boys”. Read it.

* LOVE this. Make Love Not Porn examining the reality of love and sex that gets so heavily distorted by pornography. Something to share with the fellas.

* Speaking of partial nudity, don’t toss your delicates – donate your bras and lingerie here!

* Need a smile? 20 Signs You’re Succeeding in Life Even if You Don’t Feel Like You Are.

* And finally, Dan and I visited several midwives around town this week and learned so much. We’ve found we are madly in love with Two Rivers Midwifery and Alma Midwifery after meeting with them, and know that when we get pregnant our home birth – and the whole process before and after – will be with one of them. Yay 🙂

2 thoughts on “EcoGrrl-icious

  1. Great idea to look for your midwife before you need one. My one regret was that I couldn’t give birth at home. With my health my pregnancies were considered too high of a risk to attempt a home birth yet each child was born without complications so it could have been possible. Good luck to you having the birth you want.


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