Flying over the Cascade Mountains from Central Oregon back to Portland after a great new client meeting!
Flying over the Cascade Mountains from Central Oregon back to Portland after a great new client meeting! Not bad snapshot from my window, especially knowing how foggy it was at home!

This week flew by, I don’t know about you. With a new client and a bunch of new prospects for even more work, I’m full of adrenaline as I was flown to Bend, Oregon for a whirlwind set of meetings and dinner then flew back early the next morning – whew! And with new insurance providing coverage for the first time in 2.5 years and a plan that actually covers the things *I* use most, I’ve also been in super duper healthcare mode, hitting up my dentist, naturopath, and optometrist all in one day this week – perfect timing after wrenching my back last week (while sleeping, of all things) as my ND does acupuncture at the end of each appointment (big love).

Here are some keepers I wanted to share with y’all…

* Environment and Social Justice have always gone hand in hand as far as I’m concerned. This article from NRDC is a great reason why this connection deserves more attention.

* As we want to build something to deal with the overflow in the winter of our rain cistern (yes, even 300 gallon cisterns overflow – here in Oregon so much that I actually leave the drain open rather than allow it to fill all the way up in winter), we love this super easy create your own rain garden article I found in the Oregonian’s archives!

* Hardcore to read, but so tragically true – The 6-Step Process to Dispose of the Poor Half of America.

* Geeking out on how to best use your dishwasher is what I did this week, learning little tidbits on filling it more efficiently. Groovy.

* So my new client I visited, Hydro Flask, is awesome in a lot of ways, both in the eco and the social: they just picked 3 nonprofits in Central Oregon where they are based, and gifted $100K. So, so cool. Oh yeah, and if you know any marketing or human resources managers who’d dig their cool li’l mountain and desert town just 3 hours’ drive from Portland and 5 from the beach? Drop me a line!

* And speaking of travel, yes it was odd to fly for just 24 minutes, but on the other hand, check out the uber-green Oxford Hotel where I stayed. Supa-dupa-eco, y’all.

* I’ve convinced my husband we should “finally” get crackin’ on ordering seeds. OK I’m amped up for 2015 gardening, I admit. New for 2015? Ground cherries. Yummers.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
~Anne Frank

3 thoughts on “EcoGrrl-icious

  1. I grew ground cherries last summer and will be doing it again this year. The article on the rain gardens is interesting. i have been doing a lot of research on rain gardens, sinks, diverting water etc because my entire piece of property is on a hill with the house at the bottom. There has already been some settling of the kitchen addition due to the amount of water so gutters and rain barrels are on my horizon. Now I have to perfect the garden layout so none of the water runs back down to the foundation of the house.

    The article on disposing of the poor is sad but true. Today I spotted a news piece on how social security disability payments could be reduced next year if the fund doesn’t receive an injection of money. Of all the people who can’t get out there and get a decent job, or who may face discrimination (I don’t care what hte law says it happens) it will be those are are physically and mentally unable to hold down a job. Great place to start cutting back wouldn’t you say?


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