Steinem Saturday

“Age is supposed to create more serenity, calm, and detachment from the world, right? Well, I’m finding just the reverse. The older I get, the more intensely I feel about the world around me, including things I once thought too small for concern; the more connected I feel to nature, though I used to prefer human invention; the more poignancy I find not only in very old people, who always got to me, but also in children; the more likely I am to feel rage when people are rendered invisible, and also to claim my own place; the more I can risk saying “no” even if “yes” means approval; and most of all, the more able I am to use my own voice, to know what I feel and say what I think: in short, to express without also having to persuade…I’m exploring the other half of the circle – something that is especially hard in this either/or culture that tires to make us into one thing for life, and treats change as if it were a rejection of the past…I’m also finding a new perspective that comes from leaving the central plateau of life, and seeing more clearly the tyrannies of social expectation I’ve left behind. For women especially – and for me too, if they’ve been limited by stereotypes – we’ve traveled past the point when society cares very much about who we are or what we do…I hope to live to the year 2030, and see what this country will look like when one in four women is sixty-five or over…Perhaps we will be perennial flowers who “re-pot” ourselves and bloom in many times.”

~ from Doing Sixty, in Moving Beyond Words

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  1. January 3, 2015 at 6:47 am

    LOVE this quote!


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