Steinem Saturday

“If the simple act of refusing to be an obsessed consumer can challenge the values at the heart of the maze, imagine what else we can do. Every time we balance our checkbooks in a new way, or vote on budget values, or invest charitable dollars in creating self-sufficiency, we challenge those values. Every time we insist on comparable worth, or compare notes with coworkers on how much we make – the one fact employers try to keep us quiet about – we are recreating them. Every time we value those living natural resources that would otherwise be counted only when dead, we’re facing down a minotaur. Every time we refuse to be misled by experts who are themselves lost in the maze and instead follow our Ariadne’s thread of values, we’re getting closer to the heart of it. Every time we speak out, we bring others along.”

~ from Revaluing Economics, in Moving Beyond Words

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