Steinem Saturday

“Many drug programs were designed for male addicts. Our stereotype of an addict is male; we fear men who become destructive to pay for drugs more than women who become self-destructive as prostitutes to pay for them; and in a male-dominant culture even male suffering dominates. Yet, according to some urban surveys, at least half of addicts are women, and many are not only destroying themselves but giving birth to drug-addicted…babies besides. Moreover, if a female addict does recover, she probably ha a tougher time being accepted into society than her male counterpart, especially if she bears a double stigma as an ex-prostitute. I point out this example as one way that biased values underlying our social welfare budgets, both public and private, punish not only those directly involved but the rest of society too.”

~ from “Revaluing Economics” in Steinem’s book, Moving Beyond Words

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  1. December 13, 2014 at 11:23 am

    Such a smart woman. While race has been in the news lately there is still a huge gap between how women and men are viewed in society regardless of race.


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