My husband made this for us from the bit of trunk trimmed off with the saw when we were evening it up to fit in the tree stand :)  We're thinking each year we'll do this to mark our little family :)

My husband made this sweet thing for us from the bit of trunk trimmed off with the saw when we were trying to even it up to fit in the tree stand nicely. As the one weekday we had a Zipcar reserved to go cut down a tree, it was POURING and so we didn’t make the trek down to the Salem area where the only SERF-certified tree farm was open (most of the U-Cut places are only open on the weekends which stinks for us since my hubby usually works those days!), we ended up driving to closer-by Sauvie Island Farms, a 3rd generation farm where we pick our blueberries each year, to get the tree instead. We’re thinking each year we’ll take a tree trunk slice to mark our little family – including how it grows since by this time next year we hope to have a bun in the oven!  🙂

Happy December!! With the continually odd weather we’ve been having, I can’t say it exactly feels like winter is on its way – right now it’s 53 degrees which is very mild for PDX just 9 days before the solstice, and last night’s 70 mph windstorm that knocked out power to our neighborhood for almost 12 hours was interesting to say the least (nothing grosser than the house overwhelmed with the scent of cheap scented emergency candles from the store down the street since I only had two beeswax tapers on hand!). But hey, the year is coming to a close and all in all, life’s pretty dang sweet for us, so no complaints!

Here are some new discoveries I thought I’d share this week…

* I’ve never had a tree topper, so my husband & I are thinking this weekend we’ll make something similar to this star twig topper – definitely easy with the jute twine we have on hand and all the fallen branches in the neighborhood from last night’s windstorm! We are agnostic in beliefs, so angels don’t really do it for us, and would rather focus on the natural elements when celebrating the season 🙂

* Digging this article reviewing “eco” baby books. I have noticed there are a zillion around and just wanted one that went beyond what I already know about the environmental risks to people out there that are magnified for kids. So I’ve got a few of these on my PaperbackSwap wish list and we’ll see what one comes up first!

* Tis the season for my socks to start getting holey it appears, so I totally relish the ideas in Top 58 Ways to Reuse Socks! I love the one for using my knee high socks for dusting !

* Found out that this sustainable coffee company, Three Avocados, was following me on Twitter, and immediately enamored at their nonprofit business model and social responsibility efforts!

* A longtime fan of Dr. Christiane Northrup (Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom should be on every woman’s bookshelf), I was super interested reading her article on iodine and thyroid health.

* The always thought-provoking Yes! Magazine talks about the urban comeback of cities and what folks in towns like mine are doing to combat the problems of the world.

* And finally, here’s a large corporation making genuine, significant efforts towards environmental cradle-to-cradle type of thinking: check out what Bridgestone Tires is doing and why they’re being honored this year.

The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.”
~William Blake

  One thought on “EcoGrrl-icious

  1. December 13, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    Thank you for the link on thyroids I have suspected for a long time that mine is low but all tests have come back normal. My hands and feet are always cold and I have trouble losing weight, even when I was active. I’m going to try Northrup’s suggestions and see if it helps.


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