More photos to come in my weekly Weekend In Pictures post, but I will say this - Thanksgiving ROCKED!
More Turkey Day photos to come in my upcoming Weekend In Pictures post, but I will say this – our Thanksgiving ROCKED!

Whew…! Successful and totally awesome Thanksgiving πŸ™‚ A week’s worth of careful planning and agenda-writing helped a lot and while a few things were learned along the way, we had a blast making our first Thanksgiving dinner together and the hubby absolutely loved having a holiday that was not about media marketing, gifts, or expectations, and just about good food and expressing gratitude to each other for our lives that we share together. Yay!

On a post-Thanksgiving eco note…our footprint was pretty good. Everything put together, we created maybe 1/4 of a standard paper bag of garbage (mostly butter and bacon wrappings as all the rest of the packaging was recyclable or compostable), the compost bin was thrilled to get so many peels and rinds and stems (so much so I need to get a layer of somethin’ else on top of them!), and while we did make a ton of food for just the two of us, not one bit of it will go to waste, as I did a ton of homework to ensure we got stuff frozen appropriately and the turkey frame is going to be making a boatload of stock tomorrow before the bones go into the curbside compost bin for Tuesday’s pickup!! It was also awesome to use so many local, organic ingredients, with 75% of the herbs being the “oh honey could you clip me some more thyme/sage/chives/etc out of the garden, I’m running low”. Wheee!

So along with all the holiday fun, here’s some cool stuff I discovered during the past busy week that I wanted to share:

* Some of this is eco, some is just rad. Here’s a site I discovered that introduces Portland to those considering moving here, which I now share with my candidates. I love my hometown πŸ™‚

* Way cool video on container growing grape vines! Totally awesome.

* With our research on the idea of having a baby right here at home, I loved this article about what to do with your dog during your home birth. Knowing our girl Ruby, she’ll stay close and be her sweet mellow self. Hey, the most excited she gets is when she wakes us up in the morning to be fed, and when she chases things in her doggie dreams πŸ™‚

* Just because it’s so damn cool: All About That Bass sung as a jazz tune. Dig it. Husband and I love love love that stuff and are psyched to have actual New Years Eve plans this year heading out to a local jazz club to see our fave singer Shirley Nanette perform with a few others. Considering this time next year we hope to be super-preggers, we’re gonna live it up this year!

* New wayyyy cool class that’s part of Lewis & Clark’s continuing education program that I’m considering taking if business allows for it: Environmental Identity and the Ecological Self. I have been very interested in the field for a very long time, and rather than getting a master’s degree in it which would drown me back in student loans (I paid mine off 2 years ago, woo hoo!), I decided to read all the standard books for one school’s program, and have been hooked ever since on ecopsychology. I had the chance to attend a mindfulness & sustainability workshop led by the teacher of the aforementioned class, so am crossing my fingers I can make this happen!

* I absolutely love Eco Grandma’s post about involving kids in “adult” activities, from being in the garden to the kitchen to the shop to daily conversation! We can’t imagine not having our future kiddos as active participants rather than recipients in our home – I know being out in the garden, assisting in the kitchen with canning and food prep (I made my first quiche at around 10 years of age) and with DIY projects, it was always so cool to me even when I had no clue how I was “helping”.

* Finally, with the holiday season officially kicked of, so many folks think they need to buy things for people. I LOVE the Buy Nothing Christmas “Alternatives” page which has 63 ideas for ways you can bestow gifts that don’t involve buying brand new things and instead focus on the homemade, repurposed, and service-focus gifts (take them to a play, gift certificate for a massage). My husband and I are discussing how we want this year’s holiday to go and we’re definitely agreed about taking a simple, minimalist approach.

“The art of art, the glory of expression and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity.”
~ Walt Whitman


One thought on “EcoGrrl-icious

  1. Tonight I am working to read all the posts that have piled up while I took a break over Thanksgiving and then shortly after while i was sick. Thank you so much for sharing my post on how my grandchildren are treated as equals in my home. I’ve also bookmarked the buy nothing alternatives. I can always use a few new ideas for gift giving.


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