Tuesday Go Ponder: Finding Your Way to the Finish Line

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How does writing a book become your 9 to 5, with your recruiting and coaching being your side jobs?

When you say out loud, I’m a Writer – first and foremost. When you make it your true professional priority.

Continuing off of my recent post, I’ve been plugging away, putting the things that slow me down to the side, acknowledging their presence and remembering that I am safe to be, safe to create, safe to thrive. I’ve been editing the second draft and coming up with more ideas and content to enhance it, and getting inspired by the writers in my community, online, and in the books I’m immersed in reading.

The longer I’ve been running my business, the more impassioned I become to be an advocate for both sides. To help hiring teams do better and be better. To help candidates represent themselves with strength and clarity. And seventeen corporate clients and over 100 coaching clients later, I am pretty sure I’ve made an imprint (no pun intended). The other day a longtime colleague of mine told me how when she asked one of her highly regarded technical colleagues who he trusted in our (recruiting) community, my name came up.

That was humbling. It was especially reassuring, especially following a quarter that emotionally baffled me and brought me to the edge of the “should I or should I continue doing this” precipice.

“Some days you might feel that nothing is working, but you’ve got to have the discipline and the energy to go in and do it anyway.”
~ Dr. Laurie Glimcher, Dean of Weill Cornell Medical College (New York Times, 10/26/14)

I read the above quote on a day where I needed to see this. As those who know me best have seen, I am extraordinarily hard on myself. When I don’t excel and amaze, I often feel like I’ve failed. Learning how to give myself a break and remind myself that I’m exactly where I need to be? That’s the mantra I repeat to myself.

This past weekend marked the sixth anniversary of my father’s sudden death at the age of 62. He feels faraway now, but I see reminders of him at times. When I love how my husband both adores his solitude but finds the ability to strike up a conversation with just about anyone – that’s a reminder. When I walk into Powell’s and automatically think of our bazillion trips there to get the latest Black Stallion (me) or Louis L’amour (he) – that’s a reminder. When my red roses grow, I am quietly grateful for the love he gave me of roses. When my voice is a bit louder than the others – I laugh louder, because that reminds me of him. When my husband and I talk about the fact that both of our fathers died before getting to be grandfathers to our future little one – I am reminded.

Some days are easier than others to stay the course. Some days you have to just remember the brevity of life and soak up everything you can, and move forward. Because the finish line could be anywhere for each of us.


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