Kids, don't bitch about your Halloween costumes. This is what was available when I was a kid. (EcoGrrl, circa 1980)
Kids, don’t bitch about your Halloween costumes. This is what was available when I was a kid and wanted to be Wonder Woman. (EcoGrrl, circa 1980)

Happy Halloween! And Happy Birthday to my dad who would have been 68 today. Here are some things I thought worthy of sharing in this week’s post:

* My husband recently started adding flax seed to our dog’s food and we’ve noticed an almost immediate difference in her coat which, at the time of adoption, was in pretty bad shape. With that I decided to investigate a bit more on which “people” foods were also good to incorporate into her diet, and this article gave a great summary.

* Vegan parmesan cheese? With just 5 ingredients? Yes please!

* Ooh, just as we’re getting mulch-happy putting the gardens to bed, I found this cool mulch infographic describing the various kinds and their benefits. We were totally psyched – speaking of mulch – to learn about the Portland’s Chip Drop, a service where you let them know your address, what kind of wood chips you want (and don’t want!), and arborists will leave a load at your house for FREE – for them it’s easier than paying to dispose of the chips so it’s a win-win!!  For those outside of Portland, google “free wood chips” and there are a ton of resources out there – or just call your local arborist as it’s the busy season for them taking down trees!!

* This year we got our first aloe vera plant and love how it thrived in its pot outdoors all summer. Wanting to make sure it lasts more than a year, I love this article on how to care for your aloe.

* Madly in love with this building a greenhouse blog post / tutorial! We have a corner in our back yard that is going to be perfect for this…now if we can just find enough hours in the day!! 🙂

* Yum yum yum, our cured pumpkins that were sitting in the basement are now ready for action with the fall recipes craving it, and this homemade pumpkin puree recipe is awesome – and perfect for my pumpkin ginger muffins!

* Finally, it wouldn’t be a true Halloween without an article about Day of the Dead. I love the idea of teaching our kids someday to make sugar skulls and honor the dead instead of portraying it as something frightening.

We never bury the dead, son. We take them with us. It’s the price of living.
~Mark Goffman and Jose Molina (Sleepy Hollow)


2 thoughts on “EcoGrrl-icious

  1. Thanks for posting the article on people foods for dogs. I noticed that pumpkin is on the list … I recently found a great dog treat recipe that my puppy loves: It’s easy to put together and all the ingredients are wholesome. Thanks, too, for the vegan Parmesan recipe … looks yummy! Oooooh … a greenhouse! I’m hoping to have one, too. Ours will be built next to the garage and made out of recycled windows. We’ll have a couple of vents into the garage so that we can make use of the solar heat generated by the greenhouse. Hours in the day … ain’t it the truth! We have way more projects in mind than we have hours … but we’re having tons of fun with the process (as I’m sure you are, too).


  2. I have save the vegan parmesan cheese. So simple to do and something I can try on my carnivore family members. I’m also saving the link for feeding pets as I’m still considering adding a canine family member. I first questioned commercial pet food after adopting a dog from a shelter and finding he had pneumonia. The vet rather than prescribe medication had me feed him a whole food diet explaining commercial pet food shortened their lives and wouldn’t help him to recover from his illness.


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