Okay I’m finally 100% back in action on the blog!!! After sorting through a bajillion honeymoon photos and sharing those, now it’s time to get back to posting the things I love and writing for reals 🙂 I hope everyone here in the northern hemisphere is enjoying the start of fall, and for the folks down south the start of spring! Here is my latest list of discoveries I wanted to share…

* One thing I miss from my time in Australia with my (now) hubby is the orange almond cake which seemed to be everywhere.  I love this recipe from the awesome blog Life at Arbordale Farm – and did I mention it’s gluten free?

* After Yelp-ing about the fact that I didn’ t like seeing foie gras on the menu of a favorite restaurant (and therefore would no longer be returning), a fellow Yelper emailed me with this link to Order (free) Cards Urging Restaurants To Stop Serving Foie Gras, provided by the Humane Society. Don’t know what the issues are with foie gras? Read this.

* The hubby and I enjoyed the quieter life so much during our honeymoon that we are contemplating a move out to the countryside when our house is paid off here in Portland. No, we don’t want to become farmers, just have a quiet spot of land to live on and raise our (future) kids. We’ve read a lot about straw and cob building, and that might be the ticket. In the meantime, reading The Last Straw Journal, which focuses on straw bale and other natural building techniques, is keeping our ears perked up.

* Coming home from honeymoon with a 20 pound box of pears meant making my annual batch of pear ginger preserves, and this year, spiced pear butter. After making apple butter in the crock pot last year, it’s pretty darn addictive to just toss everything in the slow cooker and go to bed and wake up just having to can/waterbath it! I like making apple and pear butters because it doesn’t have to STAY butter – pour it onto parchment and make it into fruit rollups? Yes please!

* With our new family member Ruby, it’s time to get her to the vet for a checkup. So psyched to hear that Lombard Animal Hospital offers both conventional and alternative healthcare for pets, as she’s got a bit of a swayback and we’re contemplating acupuncture to help her feel better.

* And finally, I love this Utne Reader story on teaching kids to heal the earth. While everywhere around me there are articles about people making money, building tech companies and products, and creating supposed “needs” where once there was none (I swear to god, I just read an article praising Elon Musk for “recognizing the need for affordable space travel”, I kid you not), our relationships with each other and our planet that nurtures us is what really matters.

What if when you die, they ask “How was heaven?”
~Author Unknown

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  1. October 5, 2014 at 5:25 pm

    I have yet to see your honeymoon pictures, I’ll get there I promise, for now thank you for a great list. The Utne article was fantastic. I’ve bookmarked the orange almond cake, now that I have an oven maybe I’ll use it on Thanksgiving by making this. I wish you luck finding the perfect place in the countryside. I can’t picture you giving up the vibrant community you photograph so well, but we all need change and I know bringing children into the world changes our perspectives. Speaking of straw bale homes have you seen this article on how a strawbale builder retrofitted his standard home by adding bales to the outside of the house? This is something I am trying to work out for my house down the road, but maybe it would open up some possibilities for you.


    • October 5, 2014 at 7:17 pm

      Thanks so much for the article tip!


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