Beginning the long weekend with a Zipcar trip out to Silver Falls, an hour or so out of Portland.

Began the long weekend with a Zipcar trip out to hike at Silver Falls, an hour outside Portland.

Wow – September is almost upon us and while the weather is still warm, we can tell that things are getting ready to change. Tomatoes are done as are the cukes (well the latter I’ve made an executive decision on after a very plentiful year!), and just enjoying watching our twenty five or so pepper plants soak up the heat. Perfect timing with our (intentionally belated) honeymoon just around the corner!

Here’s some of the groovy green stuff I learned about this week…

* Three articles on family stuff have been bookmarked for the hubby and I as we think about how we want our 2015 pregnancy and everything that comes afterwards to possibly look: From Doula to Diapers: Bringing Up a Green Baby, a great overview without being all product-marketing, Financing a Homebirth vs Hospital Birth awesome to read to truly understand the costs when we may be very underinsured depending on where Dan lands empoyment-wise (due to the crazy expenses of buying your own insurance, as $300/mo with $2500 deductible is what we’re dealing with as the “best” deal), and finally, Surviving Pregnancy When Life Gets Busy by over on The Art of Simple keeps the focus on – you guessed it – paring down and focusing on what really matters. It’s always a giggle talking to moms and the tremendous variety of suggestions and experiences they’ve had – and yes, the advice. I’m listening, but always following my gut.

* Whoa, a 3,300 foot crack in the Mexican desert. As real as it gets on what’s happening in our environment, people.

* Those who are connected to me on LinkedIn might have seen this article I posted, and I wanted to share it with my blog readers as well. Throwing Cold Water on Ice Bucket Philanthropy finally put into words what was bothering me about the “look at me”, minimally education-focused side of charity. I could never understand all the ice bucket videos since that was stated to be for those who DON’T donate to ALS charities, and all the videos yet no one actually talking about what ALS is or who the money (if they donate at all) goes to? It’s like Movember to me – so much more focused on drawing attention to oneself rather than actually taking truly meaningful action to educate and work towards improvement. There, I’ve said my piece (for today).

* Handlebars that double as a U-lock? Rad. Check out this ultimate urban utility bike.

* Pleasantly impressed with Nextdoor, an online community for neighbors that for the most part is nothing at all like Facebook, and a great place for us to post classified ads, find and give away free stuff, learn about what’s going on in the neighborhood, etc. All with no parade of family photos or finding out what people ate for lunch or what game they are playing. Hubby is also working on several gardening and painting jobs because of the contacts made in here – yay!

* Awesome – check out this article on LilyPad, which helps clean up stormwater pollution. Now that’s product development that is worth investing in!

Weather means more when you have a garden. There’s nothing like listening to a shower and thinking how it is soaking in around your green beans.”
~Marcelene Cox

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