Looking up from the path at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge on a short hike we took
Looking up from the path at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge on a short hike we took – nice to see some beautiful art on the side of buildings (an interesting blog here tells more), something that my husband saw as commonplace in Melbourne but is much rarer here in Portland. This

* SO looking forward to our weekend getaway to the Bay to hang out with friends in Oakland and reunite with Dan’s sister and her family in San Francisco. Doing the Airbnb thing one night so we can splurge on a romantic hotel the second night. No car rental, we’re taking advantage of BART to get where we need to go and our feet for the rest. Fun fun!!!

* Due to warming waters in the Mediterranean, anchovies are being caught off the shores of…England? For real. Read more here.

* Live in Oregon and always have too much from your own garden? Check out the Oregon Food Bank’s awesome Plant a Row program to donate some of your harvest!

* Yoga Every Damn Day. Love this post about not letting what restores us fade away from our daily lives.

* Onions are  about ready to be harvested! Can’t wait to make pickled red onions again this year – these babies became a true staple for me over winter and spring. YUM!

* While this is not on the eco side, social justice and historical accuracy is huge to me. The deeply moving article, The Weeping Time is about the largest slave auction on American soil, so rarely if ever mentioned in our schools or media outlets. No matter how old we get, we must continue to learn about our history. It’s OUR history – one group was victim, but this is a scar upon the history of ALL of America and something we can all learn from to be more beautiful as people and stronger as a national community. It is not something that should only be seen as “black history” – just as what happened to women should not be relegated to “women’s studies”. Every segment of our community in gender and color should be part of generalist studies, and therefore respected equally in history.

People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.”
~H. Jackson Brown


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