my makeshift outdoor canning station!
my makeshift outdoor canning station in the back yard which has turned out to be incredibly awesome on those hot evenings when boiling water in the house is not fun!!

Gorgeous week, with the weather cooling a bit to give us a break before next week’s heat wave puts us in the mid 90’s (ugh!). Fortunately, my hubby and I have several basement projects to work on at home and as for the garden, we stopped by Goodwill and picked up a whole bunch of sheets to lay over our precious peppers and tomatoes so the lovely fruits that are emerging don’t get hammered by the evil hot rays.

With that, here are some eco-goodies to pass your way this week that I hope you enjoy…please tell me how you like these by the way, I love your comments!!

* Love this piece on growing huckleberries – we have three bushes that are a few years old and can’t wait for them to fruit (hopefully next year!).

* A bike sharing program for kids? Awesome! Check out how Paris is doing it and get inspired!

* Speaking of kids, one of my coaching clients told me about her company supporting Coffee Kids, an amazing nonprofit supporting the children of coffee farmers around the world.

* With Australia in the midst of having their own version of GW in office, the country is seeing the conservative (known as “liberal” there, the opposite of here in the US) leadership stripping away social and environmental programs that have been doing the country so much good. Here’s a good article about power bills and energy efficiency that clarifies a lot of the garbage being dispersed out there.

* And on the topic of electricity, check out what’s happening here in Portland with Trimet and the e-bus. Along with the carbon footprint effects, it’s sure sounding dreamy envisioning following a bike on my bus and not getting icky exhaust fumes in my lungs!

* Finally, some love for Braking Cycles, a nonprofit in Portland I just learned about who is using bicycle repair, job training, and repurposing bike parts to help break the cycle of poverty. One of the six community nonprofits supported by The Oregon Public House, every time you sip a local cider or tasty stout, or eat a veggie burger or their awesome sweet potato tots, or bring your kids in for a tasty meal and entertainment, you can select them for 100% of the net proceeds from your meal to support Braking Cycles. RAD.

For those wounded by civilization, yoga is the most healing salve.
~Terri Guillemets


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