1+Why: What frustrates you the most in our society – and why?


Four great responses came in for this week’s interview question, “What frustrates you the most in our society – and why?”

“If I have to narrow it down, I would say: people who take so-called “moral” stances against things that have absolutely nothing at all to do with them and everything to do with suppressing, marginalizing, and/or punishing others. Why does it bother me? Again, because it has NOTHING to do with those who get on their moral high horses. Gay marriage? None of their business. It doesn’t affect the “sanctity” or validity of their own marriage, but lack of marriage equality does take away the civil rights of others. Reproductive rights? It’s our bodies and our lives. Besides, many who want to limit birth control options are also opposed to policies that help single mothers who find themselves impoverished due to societal norms that punish them. Women’s rights? It’s men who write the rules that exclude women. Women should not be dependent upon men to achieve their dreams.”

“Scorn for intelligence and education; acting as though those things are elitist.”

“All the anger and hatred between differing view points…continuous rants by some…trying so desperately to change our minds!”

“Scorn for those who work with their hands. I’ve figured out that I don’t have the right kind of intelligence for waitressing or woodworking, for sure.”

My frustration is exemplified in the picture above. The blatant and subtle treatment of women is still alive and well in our society. The hypocrisy of the actions and words from way too many eschewed as proponents of feminism is affecting our communities, workplaces, families, schools, and creating a false sense that we are much further along than we really are.

As my goal was that this latest interview project would get a lot more responses from a broader audience, while I do appreciate the comments I’ve gotten, because I’ve only received 3-4 at most each week, I’ve decided I’m going to close this interview series and focus my efforts in other areas of my writing. Thank you to those who participated!


Your comments on my blog are appreciated. (Please no solicitors as those comments will be deleted).

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