Tuesday Go Ponder: The Human Cost of Electronics

No words needed from me.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Go Ponder: The Human Cost of Electronics

  1. You can probably imagine that anything on China and the struggle of families tears at my heart. I am in tears and was through the whole video. This is the country of my daughter, of her birth family, of the people who gave me, through whatever hardships they have borne, one of the most precious gifts I will ever have in my whole life. The prospects for children in social welfare institutes are worse than the conditions this video focuses on…and yet, can anything be worse than a cancer given to you by your means of survival because money controls so much of the world?

    Thank you for sharing this. Perhaps enough of the world will be outraged that China will change the horrendous working conditions for its people. Ugh. I hold a great affection for China, and am more hesitant to speak ill of it than of my own country, because it gave me one of its daughters. The problem in China is not limited to China. We all hold parts of the responsibility of inhumanity toward the poor.

    Again, you are using your voice to raise a concern about something that should not be. Thank you.


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