Gorgeous week as spring is definitely in the air!!  Things are growing, seeds are planted, sun is shining, and I’m back on my bike, woo hoo!  And oh man the scent of those cherry blossoms, so so so lovely…

Here’s a few items running across my radar this week…

* Boy do I LOVE this short Forest For The Trees video my friend shared with me about the street art in Portland and programs surrounding it and think that you will too!!

* And speaking of this area of the country, while I don’t usually talk about actual advertisements as a favorite link, I loved The Seven Wonders Of Oregon advertisement for Travel Oregon that shows off my home state.

* Seguewaying (is that a word?) from that, I loved this article spotted on my Twitter feed for Packing a Natural First Aid Kit for TravelI’m thinking while I’m in Oz for our engagement party with family and friends that I might just pick up some of that paw-paw ointment per their recommendation…

* Great piece by Jon Stewart on The “Insanity” of Buying Seafood with Food Stamps. F**king conservative politicians and media just blow me away with their inhumanity.

* On the other end of the spectrum, I nearly peed myself laughing when I read I Saw It On Pinterest So I Did It Myself…and Nailed It! 20 Hilarious Pinterest Baking Fails. It reminds me so much of the one and only time I tried to make a croquembouche (you know, one of those cream puff Christmas tree stacked things) and how there just was no darn puffiness to the pastry…


2 thoughts on “EcoGrrl-icious

  1. dang that baking is some trippy stuff…the only thing i can bake is a spud…and sometimes that looks like..well decorum prevents me from getting too graphic
    Oh and FYI i will be looking fwd to ticking off the list of oregon wonders 🙂


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