1+Why: What’s your biggest recent accomplishment – and why?


This was a quiet week for comments on the interview series, but I’ll share the two responses that came in as well as my own. I was curious what people were proud of in their own lives, not over a lifetime but rather in the recent past, say 5 years. I love what these two had to say…

“My daughter Molly and the fact that husband Joe can stay home with her. She was born healthy (even with her “geriatric” Mom, that is the medical term) she is funny, smart, kind and vivacious. We simplified our lives so we could live on one income so she could be parented full-time. (This was what we wanted, no judgement on other choices.)”

“I would say that my biggest accomplishment is designing, and living, a life which I truly love … one which follows my path and not the well-traveled road of others. Every single day is mine … it is dictated by me. There’s pure joy in that!”

As for me, I’ll say that starting my own business has got to be my biggest accomplishment – taking that chance leaving the regular 9 to 5 was alternately exhilarating and terrifying, but ultimately a tremendously good decision for ME.  I have been able to do what I do best, avoid a lot of the bureaucracy and politics that are involved in working in a regular office, and have a work/life balance that I never ever could have had in the environment I was in. I’ve become better at what I do in that, but also a happier individual exploring other areas of my life, learning more, writing more, and taking more risks.  It’s helped me become more trusting of my own instincts, which has helped me grow personally by leaps and bounds as well.  And with that, I’m paying it forward in any way I can.

Now For Next Week’s Question: What Teacher Inspired You the Most – and why?  This can be any type of classroom situation, from elementary school to college to community education.  Leave a comment below, or respond to me via Facebook/ Twitter / LinkedIn, then look for results next week!


4 thoughts on “1+Why: What’s your biggest recent accomplishment – and why?

  1. This one is easy! My high school Trigonometry teacher, Mrs. Johnson. I loved math but found Trigonometry difficult. Mrs. Johnson would come by my desk, put her hand on my shoulder, and tell me to keep at it and that one day a light bulb would come on and I’d get it. I don’t know if it was the power of suggestion but she was right … I eventually got it. But that’s only part of why I loved her. She was also a poet and, because she took an interest in me and actually talked to me, she learned that I was interested in writing. So, she encouraged and nurtured that interest. We spent many days, after school, talking about poetry and writing together. She helped me believe that I could do anything … that I could love math as well as poetry … that I could go beyond limits and accomplish anything that I wanted. Simply put, she believed in me so I believed in myself. It’s one of the most important gifts that I have received in life! I don’t know where she’s at … but … Thank You, Mrs. Johnson!


  2. My favorite teacher was Mr. Padilla, my sophomore English teacher. He was a short, round fellow who was overflowing with passion for the written word. He’s the one who taught me about the story behind the story, told through symbolism. It was like a new, magical world opened up for me. He was a huge inspiration.


  3. “Last week’s” question was hard. Which is why I didn’t comment. I feel like the last 5 years have been a work towards something amazing, but I’m not there yet.

    I’ll have to stew on favorite teacher – there are so many!


  4. Carol Siegel, a professor at Washington State, is the most inspiring human being I have met. She is a lovely mix of brilliant, warm, and incredible kindness. There are few people who I would ever refer to as a role model, but I would aspire to be the kind of person she is. The fact she is a scholar–even better! And I am certainly not the only one to notice. It is always fun to meet others who have had her as a professor along the way and listen to how she has impacted them. In addition, she is a fabulous teacher.


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