Happy Love Day!
Happy Love Day, y’all!

Wheeee! Talk about a change after the snow melted!  The temps went way up and I practically flew into the back yard to get the beds worked and our peas planted to meet. This year? Bush peas – a change for me as I’ve always grew the climbers. Should be fun!

* Speaking of planting, am madly in love with The Wild Garden’s Northwest Native Plant Database. Last month we ordered a variety pack of salmonberry, deer fern, and wild ginger from the EMSWCD Native Plant sale here in town, so it was great to refer to the database for all the tips on what we bought.

* I’ve not been able to comprehend spending money on cable – $100+ a month? Seriously?  But I know there are others for whom it’s a way of life. Get that money back and check out Your Guide to Cutting the Cord to Cable TVand get some fresh air!

* Psyched to learn about Beards for Boobs and how they raised $28,000 in a fundraiser for the awesome Breast Cancer Action, an organization whose “strict corporate contributions policy allows us to be an independent, fearless voice for women at risk of and living with breast cancer.” Unlike Susan G. Komen and the other pinkwashers, the BCA does not take money from anyone who profits from or contributes to the breast cancer epidemic.  Take that, Movember.

* Not something on national news yet a major environmental destruction happening? It’s getting really old that our media coverage is such crap. Seriously grossed out to read online that Duke Energy belatedly pledges to overhaul coal-ash storage, after destroying river.

* Really interesting article about how most of life on Earth was eradicated in 60,000 years.

* Groovy.  As someone who’s kitchen is filled with old Wagner and Griswold cast iron skillets (they are SO great for cooking, and really cheap at antique stores – eco awesome!), I loved these picture-by-picture instructions of How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet.

* And finally, just adoring the blog for Eco-Beautiful Weddings, as we plan our spring nuptials.  We’re a simple couple and don’t have anything exotic planned, simply going to our favorite spot to say a few words, with me in a pretty eco-friendly dress and he in a handsome getup, surrounded by a few friends and a bunch of big trees, followed by dinner in the neighborhood with friends. Happiness 🙂

kisses are a better fate
than wisdom.
~e.e. cummings


2 thoughts on “EcoGrrl-icious

  1. Lots of goodies in today’s post! I cut the cord on cable (actually satellite) a couple of years ago and have not looked back; one of the best things I’ve done. Glad you’re supporting Breast Cancer Action and spreading the word about pink washing. The coal ash incident took place in my community – just 15 miles away. This is the same area that continues to debate uranium mining and milling. We still have idiots who think the “safeguards” that are promised by the company will protect our environment and our health. Right. As far as eco weddings are concerned, I saw an article in Yes! magazine and thought of you:


  2. Good selections this week. It’s good to see a breast cancer awareness group that doesn’t succumb to the big corporations. I avoid Susan Koman activities completely.

    I think the plans for your wedding sound perfect. I never married but when I considered it I never wanted more than an outdoor wedding with only the closest family and a get together with friends later.


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