Super proud of my community standing up to TriMet this week! TriMet wants to seize the land of the property owner who doesn’t want to sell (where a wonderful cafe and bakery half a block from me reside) so they can put a giant bus layover (parking lot) next to the cafe where busses would come and go every 15 minutes, from 5AM til 2AM, ruining our neighborhood with pollution, noise, and massive safety concerns, going through a bikeway and greenway (not to mention being across the street from a daycare), and violating all kinds of zoning and related laws. They tried to call our neighborhood “non-residential”, which has risen from the ashes of once being one of the most crime-infested areas in Portland to a close-knit, family and neighbor-oriented community with locally owned businesses. A TON of folks showed up to the meeting, most of whom TriMet had not bothered to notify (thanks to our community, we spread the word ourselves when a few heard about it). They acted quite apathetic, trying to insist this would IMPROVE our neighborhood which as I said when I stood up, is utterly offensive. The cafe I’m speaking of was once a crack house, and now a community gathering place with the adjacent bakery. I’m so honored to be part of this community, and hope that our voices were heard. Eminent domain is so twisted. Crossing fingers now!

* What America Buys is always interesting. Over the decades, we spend less on food and more on the unnecessary items. It’s a trip, don’t you think?  How is it we complain these days about the price of apples yet freely go spend five bucks on a latte five times a week? How is it we complain about the cost of bus fare when many are spending hundreds of month on gas and insurance?

* Really noticed lately how the last 10 minutes of a 30 minute newscast on local television is focused on sports. Men’s sports. Possibly 30 second bit on a women’s soccer team but never before the Men’s Sports. Fuck that.  I’m not dissing men’s sports as a form of entertainment, I’m dissing a male-dominated newscast that forgets that there are female athletes out there who deserve equal time on the air. Dropping the Ball on Covering Women’s Sports says what I’ve been wanting to articulate.

* Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter know this is a subject near and dear to my heart: Why Are We Referring to Women as Girls?. As my friend Elizabeth pointed out, she gets irritated with the term “ladies” as well – and I get it, as there is a connotation to the term that is a bit old-school.  Like the organization ChickTech – I love what their mission is all about, but use of the word “chick” to me is deeply offensive.  I’m not 13, don’t call me a girl. Or a chick. Or a broad. These terms diminish adult women and we need to be more conscious of when and how they’re being used.

* While the savings portion is crap, the invention itself is totally rad.  Check out this Recycling Closed-Loop Shower!

* Madly in love with the fact that there is the Zinn Education Project, inspired by A People’s History of the United States. After six months, I’ve finally finished his legendary book and am absolutely changed for the better having read it.  Mandatory reading, I tell ya. (Why did it take 6 months? Besides it’s nearly 700 pages, every chapter is so impactful I’d have to take a breather just to mentally and emotionally absorb it all.  Now I’m reading a fun book!)

* Finally – and this one is for my sweetheart who loves his coffee oh-so-much but recognizes its impact on the body, is 6 tips for Healthier Coffee Drinking. I learned recently that you should always eat something BEFORE you have that first cup of coffee so it doesn’t screw up your blood sugar and create a vicious cycle in your body, and wanted to learn more, so I’m diggin’ this piece that explains how to still get that fix while nourishing your body.


2 thoughts on “EcoGrrl-icious

  1. I hope your voices were heard as well. I had never seen such abuses of eminent domain as the three years I lived in the Phoenix area. Money talks and to h*ll with the neighborhood businesses that have given fantastic service to those in the area, or even farmers who had land seized for a road to reach a big box that wanted to build behind him.

    I read the what people buy and shook my head. I’m sure there are more people like me who don’t buy those things which means there are a group of people buying even more than their share of that stuff. No, I won’t buy a latte and yes I pay way more for my organic food. I may not like the price but it’s important to me.


  2. Thanks for sharing the coffee blog post- loved the advice in there! I was told that coffee is really hard on Calcium in particular, that Calcium won’t absorb into the body properly with coffee present.

    I use “ladies” a lot from working in the service industry for so many years. I absolutely can’t stand when people use “guys” for all groups of people, especially if it’s a group of women! Maybe I’m old school, but “guys” is way overused. “How are you guys doing?”…It’s easier to greet a group of women by saying “Hello ladies,” sounds weird to say “Good morning women” haha…I much prefer being called a lady than a guy!


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