monstrous pepper harvest from the garden: Italians, serranos, cherry bombs, and more
nice harvest from the garden: sweet Italians, serrano chiles, cherry bombs & more

Busy.  Six weeks til Thanksgiving.  Excited. We’ll just leave it at that. 

* Turn your Mason jar into a french press with The Portland Press.

* Where I’ll be today: the Regional Livability Summit, with featured speaker Adewale Troutman.  Equity, sustainability, health, and more = perfectly fitting so many of the issues that matter to me.

* Hell yeah, the LIT Ultra-reflective Bike Tire is on my shopping list as the nights grow longer.

* This is FUBAR: Lawyers in US Naval Academy Rape Trial Grill Victim, Call Her a ‘Ho’.

* My life has evolved from a kid who grew up in a horse racing family to a woman who has learned the truth.  And when you know better, you do better. The brutal truth about the horse racing industry came to my attention as my partner and I talked about the Melbourne Cup and the elitist culture of it turned into a national holiday that disregards the immense cruelty put upon horses forced into a life surrounded by whips and confinement to make the rich richer, then turned over to the slaughterhouses when they are no longer profitable. PETA’s insightful article Horseracing: Profit-Driven Cruelty educates us on how “approximately 90 percent of horses used in the racing industry suffer from exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage, a condition that can leave blood flowing from their nostrils after a race.” It’s just one example, and it’s changed my whole outlook.

* A really interesting article on friendship in the WSJ: The Friendship Bank.

* Falling in love very quickly with the website Rebelle Society, and this piece called out to me: Nature restores, Yoga transforms. Even on my darkest days, an hour on the mat, even if I’m not at my best flexibility or feeling great physically, does wonders. That, and a walk? Perfection.



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