Workin’ 9 to 5 (and getting there with the least stress)

I’ve been taking public transportation since grade school. No elitist attitude as some have – it gets me where I need to go for a good price and yeah it’s not perfect but it’s an awesome convenience to have in this age of gas-guzzling cars.

While I primarily bike these days, I still rely on the bus to get further than I want to ride, as well as when I am wanting some quiet time to read or catch up on the blogs (or right now, as I write this from my mobile!). Last night I realized that I used my carshare membership for something so silly, so on the way to today’s early meeting with a client, I got back on the bus and remembered instantly why it’s less stressful than a car.

Here are some more awesome facts on commuting…



4 thoughts on “Workin’ 9 to 5 (and getting there with the least stress)

  1. Mine was from West 29th Street (up) and to East 68th Street
    extreme NYC years 1969-1971. Many times I rode bicycle. When I used bus
    “free” transfer cross-town, during that time (after grad school) I read a total of forty books.


  2. Interesting information. Where I live there is very little traffic to contend with so a bike loses in the time category, but the bike wins big time when you look at the fact that you can be out in nature, hearing the birds and smelling cut grass, etc. If the traffic would be heavy you at least have an out on a bike, the exercise would be a good way to work off your frustration, something you can’t do in a car, hence all the road rage we hear about.


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