So madly in love with this repurposed awesomeness of a light fixture at the Oregon Public House that I've insisted my sweetie make me one for the kitchen!
So madly in love with this repurposed awesomeness of a light fixture at the Oregon Public House around the corner from me that I’ve insisted my sweetie build us one for the kitchen!

* This is what a feminist looks like. Check out the article We Heart: Mark Ruffalo for His Pro-Choice Activism in Ms. Magazine.  With everything going on in the southern half of our country to stomp on the rights of women over their own bodies, we need men – not just women – to be fierce.

* Now THAT’s how to shine a light on sustainability. I loved reading How a Big Idea Lights the Slums for Free.  While we still have a long way to go when it comes to social justice and the environment, every step in the right direction needs to be celebrated.

* Living in Portland, SOOOO many people ditch their own cities to join our eco-rific community.  And while I love that the come, many I wish to only be visitors, and take what they’ve experienced back to their own communities, and spread the eco love rather than continue to concentrate it in one area.  Let’s make a difference EVERYWHERE!  Which is why I completely dug yet another awesome story from Yes! Magazine, Want to Change the World (and Not Get Burnt Out)? Start with Your Neighborhood.

* Your gut is your “second brain”.  Many of us know this mind-body connection in a deep way, but it’s taken science a bit longer.  So it made me smile to see Gut feelings: the future of psychiatry may be inside your stomach. When I eat gluten, my reaction is emotional – it’s like the worst case of PMS. Of course there is a connection. Now maybe we are an iota closer to mental health care being more than a reactionary treatment? Mind = body = mind.

* And as equity is something so near and dear to my heart, This map shows what the United States would look like if life were fair. Of course, we kids here in P-town would rather be seen as from Cascadia, not Shasta.  But hey, in this deal we get Hawaii, so that’s cool 🙂

I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love.
~Mother Teresa


2 thoughts on “EcoGrrl-icious

  1. Please send some of those people who transplant to Portland my way – we really need them here. The vast majority of locals seem to think that environmentalism and eco-living are part of some left-wing conspiracy. Still, I’m trying to do my part using places like Portland, Bolder, and even little Floyd, Virginia ( as encouragement and inspiration.


    1. Amen! Some folks come here and take back their knowledge to their towns, but many more just stay and I wish they wouldn’t – nice people but they need to bring their eco-awesomeness back to the other areas of the country that need it!! 🙂


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